2 thoughts on “Video – Mike Tyson goes crazy on live Canadian news, launches into expletive-laden rant at presenter

  1. Touchy, touchy.

    I’ll admit that I prefer Tyson’s outburst to the usual canned public-relations response, where the rage is bottled up by CEOs and politicians who come off as no less robotic than Robocop. You know, “Well, Jerry (pause, with expression of regret) that was a long time ago (pause, regret yielding to earnestness) but today in this new era where I’m leading charities and helping youth build new lives (pause, look of extreme virtue and humility) I prefer to focus on my achievements and blah blah blah.”

    The question was fair game, even if unpleasant. It makes me wonder if Tyson 2.0 will be a short-lived version.

    • It’s always entertaining when someone is honest in a situation where platitudes are expected.

      I’m glad to see Tyson can still be as combustible as the best of them.

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