2 thoughts on “Full Fight Video – Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Marcos Maidana II

  1. Starting to show the rust, if not yet in big peeling flakes, then at least in a quantity like the onset of measles. Almost simultaneously it seems to be widely felt that he isn’t much fun to watch; the Pacquiao soundbites seem to hint at his awareness.

    Downloaded “I Never Died A Winter Yet” and will be watching it shortly. 🙂

    • Good man, just got your (very kind) email & will get back to you asap

      Mayweather is past his best but still the best — the fight went exactly as I’d expected it to. Floyd certainly performed better than in the first fight, which is to say he was tremendous, but on the negative side, he is more hittable than ever & lacking the absolutely preternatural accuracy of years gone by when you felt watching him that every punch was going to land on its target.

      Mayweather of 2013 looked unbeatable, and that certainly isn’t the case going forward

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