8 thoughts on “Excellent James Verini profile from 2012 of “Bernard Hopkins and the Endless End of Boxing”

  1. Superb.

    I had to make two passes at the piece, through no fault of Verini. Each time I ended up on YouTube, watching Hopkins fights and then lost in his lore. Temptations of the 24 fps footnote!

    This, especially. As media appearances go it has the taste of a seance, and in no time the poor camerawork gives us a blurry, eyes-popped Bernard in full oracular mode riffing on the awfulness of Dan Rafael, toying with a quivering pressman who has manhood issues, and lecturing on the ways of Sheitan.


    • Verini’s only ever boxing article. It’s pieces like that which really demonstrate the ludicrousness of Dan ‘Teletext’ Rafael walking away with the BWAA’s Fleischer award.

      B-Hop is a raconteur like no other. He will make a fine broadcaster some day.

      HBO should fire Ward & hire B-Hop as their expert analyst

    • Vintage Hopkins interview btw.

      I’ve added a new phrase to my lexicon with “tricknology”!

      Also when he extolled his reading prowess, I can genuinely imagine him reading ‘The Great Gatsby’ in the evening, wearing his sweater and spectacles, taking intermittent pauses to contemplate outboxing Sergey Kovalev

      • Ha ha, love that image of Bhop reading his Fitzgerald. I would imagine Elijah Muhammad, Malcolm X, Cornel West too. He’ll need them all to get past Kovalev.

        His pointed message to the room was a nice dig: “…and it’s not boxing magazines!”

        Yes, Ward could not be duller. Btw, have you seen the HBO-produced shorts with Harold Lederman? A natural on camera and it’s like entering a Jimmy Durante/W.C. Fields timewarp.

      • Hahaha, yes I laughed hard at the “boxing magazines” remark also. BHop is nobody’s fool!

        Do you mean the Jimmy’s Corner Lederman videos?

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