6 thoughts on “Video – “The Fight Game” with Jim Lampley: Season 3, Episode 2

  1. Enjoyed that Overtime broadcast. Michelle’s political points were welcome; I like troublemakers. That said, I’ll believe in HBO’s integrity when it lets her say she’s boycotting one of its fighters and not just Showtime’s money maker.

    Max, whom I like, needs to tone it down. It’s one thing at ringside, but in a remote studio, watching a feed of the other adults holding a calm conversation, he sounds as if he thinks they won’t hear him all the way out in New York unless he shouts.

    • Agreed. Enjoyable TFG episode, and mostly on-point Lampley rant, although I think it’s safe to say this wouldn’t have happened if Mayweather still fought on HBO

      Lampley made good point about Mayweather’s 50th fight also — what a bidding war that will create between networks, he’ll have a carte blanche

  2. Had a chance to see the main show finally.

    Watching Lampley wish Mayweather out of the sport, I felt one old version of the world of boxing reassert itself, if momentarily. I wonder if the new world, heralded by the arrival of Jay-Z’s money, will resemble it at all.

    Thought Oscar looked a bit like Frodo on meds; Arum has an old orc’s smile.

    The segment with Terence Crawford was enjoyable. I couldn’t help see in his humility — and Michelle’s promotion of it — a glimpse into a post-bling landscape. As the economy continues to limp along, so many expectations have been rewritten. Could they be in boxing, too?

    • I think the bling era templated by Mayweather is here to stay, and as much as I’m enjoying Rocnation’s foray into boxing and trolling of Haymon, Al is here to stay and will only grow. He has a stable of around 120 fighters now, with new ones joining seemingly every week

      Pacquiao-Crawford is a very interesting fight for the future. Mikey Garcia was Top Rank’s anointed next-in-line but with him trying to leave Arum and Co., I think Crawford can take his spot. He has zero personality though, so hard to see him being a PPV headliner in the future

      Oscar seemed really nervous! I always laugh when I hear Arum say “champeen”

  3. No, Crawford isn’t ever going to be bling material. If he gets anywhere it will be the old-fashioned way.

    His appeal as a regional star reminds me of Kelly Pavlik in the way each connected to an American heartland audience. It’s so unmediated, the antithesis of the Floyd-Broner act. The fans read him as one of them, and almost no artifice is involved. A reminder — I have been to Nebraska, and I did not linger, ha ha — of our many Americas.

    • Pavlik comparison is apt, though we’re not likely to see Crawford’s career fall apart like that of the Youngstown native due to out of the ring problems

      Pavlik could have been a PPV headliner, and despite winning the middleweight championship, he left a lot of talent and $$ on the table

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