5 thoughts on “Cliff Rold: “Measured Against All Time: ‘Prince’ Naseem Hamed”

  1. Enjoyed that. It sent me off to see the Kelley fight again. Daredevil stuff, very enjoyable.

    I’m not offended if he’s put in the HoF. How about you?

      • Yes, fantastic. I’ve been waiting for something from Lynch.

        GIven the success of HBO’s True Detective, especially, the time is surely ripe for his return to the medium. Funding for features and hope of distribution are now probably at their nadir here, as the franchise and star-dominated market continues to erode hope of good cinema being made here. But suddenly we have watchable TV again, indeed some of the best ever in America (I’m including Milch’s great work over the past decade).

        Speaking of TD, last I read Friedkin was in discussion to shoot the next series. A helping of that alongside Lynch would sort out my tv season for me.

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