Video – Billy Joe Saunders blasts Chris Eubank Jr. in foul-mouthed tirade

This interview is from when the fight had seemingly fallen apart, but thankfully now it is back on…although I’m taking the attitude that I’ll believe it when I see the ringwalks

Video from IFL tv’s Kugan Cassius

12 thoughts on “Video – Billy Joe Saunders blasts Chris Eubank Jr. in foul-mouthed tirade

  1. He sounds like a poster boy for the National Front.

    You think Eubank Jr.’s still much too green, right? I recall you wanted him to have another half dozen or more fights.

    Watching what happens with interest.

    • He is way too green, and is stepping up from journeyman level to face the top young middleweight in the world. I’ll believe the fight when I see the ringwalks, but credit must be given to the Eubanks for attempting to back up their trash talk. I’d expect Saunders to win a clear decision, in a fight where young Eubank also emerges with credit for his performance.

      Saunders may lack decorum, but I love his genuine ‘I’ll fight anyone’ attitude, and he has strangely turned down a world title fight against Korobov to take the Eubank fight to satisfy the British fanbase.

      However, Frank Warren is lining him up to take on the Korobov-Andy Lee (what a fascinating matchup) victor

  2. Just watched Josh Warrington’s blowout of Davide Deili. Now there’s a young English fighter to watch; class act to boot. Nice irony in his being a dental technician by day — tooth rearranger by night, ha ha.

    For trash talk, give me the recent school of Pauli Malignaggi, the old school of James Toney or Bhop, or the even older school yet of Ali (which brings to mind the words of your great countryman: “Nor is there singing school but studying / Monuments of its own magnificence”). Or as one of mine said: It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing. 😉

    • Warrington is a good young fighter with a passionate fanbase, but poor opposition in a shot Munroe in last fight of his career, faded Lindsay in last fight of his career, and 35yo club fighter Dieli. Lots of belts around his waist, but not a huge amount of accomplishment quite yet.

      Hahaha, I’m constantly amazed by your references — Sailing to Byzantium is my favourite poem…and maybe The Second Coming would make for good pre-Kovalev reading for B-Hop

  3. “maybe The Second Coming would make for good pre-Kovalev reading for B-Hop”

    Nice one. 🙂

    Yes, I’ve loved Yeats for a very long time. Fond of Seamus Heaney, too. Interesting boxing should be a common interest of people who love the arts. i don’t know about over there, but over here, these are largely exclusive categories.

    Good to learn about Warrington’s untested status. Were it not for the wonder of Internet streaming, I reckon none of these UK fighters would come to my attention at all as they are utterly, and shamefully, ignored in our press.

    • Glad to see you’re well up on the currently thriving UK boxing scene

      Arts and boxing are generally separate over here too. I have many friends who enjoy both, but that is certainly the exception to the rule.

      The winner of best Irish short at the recent Kerry Film Festival was entitled “Our Unfenced Country”, a title taken from a Heaney poem. Interesting film too

      • No specific feedback, but was a great experience overall. Screened the film at the local school (where I’d auditioned the children) the next day also, which was equally enjoyable, and got a nice write-up in the regional newspaper

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