6 thoughts on “Video – Shannon Briggs continues to stalk Wladimir Klitschko, knocks him off paddle board into the ocean

  1. Agreed, trounces the cable network stuff. Briggs cackling like a Bond villain as he unleashes his Wake of Doom, ha ha. Brilliant, and need I say a lot more fun than most of Shanon’s fights!

      • Given Wladdy’s age and recent injury, I wonder, too. It would truly be weird if Shannon’s stunts vaulted him ahead of more deserving fighters.

        Speaking of the hw future, it’s fun watching Anthony Joshua come along, eh?

      • After Pulev, the division’s top contender, is taken care of, I wouldn’t be surprised if Briggs got a shot

        Joshua is as exciting a prospect as the division has had in a long time, and already thoughts of future Wembley-worthy superfights with the likes of Haye and Fury make me salivate.

        But that’s all a couple of years down the line — Joshua is still very raw (only had around 30 amateur fights and took up boxing just 6 years ago) & will have to tighten up some defensive liabilities to succeed at the top level when his time comes.

        Hard to see him not winning a world title some day, given his huge promotional backing and the fact that his prime will come when Wlad has retired & the division is left in flux

  2. Enjoyed your analysis.

    Yes, for all his inexperience, it’s already tempting to see a very bright future. He shares some physical advantages with Wladimir, but his style, at least at this stage, is much more mobile, aggressive and explosive. Good luck to Anthony!

    • I’ve seen practically every Wlad fight, and it’s interesting to note how much more aggressive he was in his early career. He blasted many journeymen out of there brutally, and it was really only until he was well advanced in his career that he became a defence-first fighter who was careful with his output of power shots.

      Wlad and Joshua recently sparred, and Wlad was full of praise, basically saying he was the future of the division

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