4 thoughts on “Video – Bizarre video posted online by Jermain Taylor prior to his fight with Sam Soliman

  1. “I never lose to no white boy.”

    He’s a four-time loser to three white boys on two continents, isn’t he? But who’s counting. 😉

    • Poor deluded Taylor. He doesn’t seem right in any sense of the word, releasing a vid of him popping off a gun just weeks after an arrest for shooting his cousin.

      I fear a Taylor-Mayweather fight

      • Ack, that’s terrible. Wasn’t aware of the arrest. Years ago, before his promise fizzled out, I recall Taylor as a likable figure in the sport.

        Yes, the very sort of prey Mayweather considers his due.

      • He was also in trouble with the law a couple of years back for involvement with a prostitute. Quite a contrast to the family man he had been portrayed as

        Like far too many boxers, his life went off the rails when he retired

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