6 thoughts on “Full Fight Video – Gennady Golovkin vs. Marco Antonio Rubio

  1. OK, who’s left who’s desperate enough to get in the ring with him? šŸ˜‰

    Terrorizing Rubio-level opponents is a horrendous straitjacket; it’s like asking Picasso to stick to tattoos.

    Cotto is rich enough not to need the migraines. But he’s also proud and fearless enough that he might want the matchup. Interestingly, we are going on half a year since the easy Martinez win without a new opponent for him…

    • Cotto is likely to sit out until a Canelo fight next May.

      GGG will be back in February in Monte Carlo, most likely opponent Martin Murray (the man who should be lineal king if not for hometown judges in Buenos Aires), as he looks to fight 4 times next year.

      Fingers crossed he gets the Canelo-Cotto winner this time next year. He’s already developed into one of the biggest draws at gate and tv in American boxing, and that is the fight that can catapult him to true crossover stardom.

      • “Fingers crossed…”

        That would be fascinating.

        Of the two, who would you give better odds vs. GGG? Canelo would seem to have the bigger punch, Cotto the dimensionality (but also ring wear).

        Btw, did you see Povetkin-Takam?

      • Canelo based on size and far less ring wear than Cotto. For those reasons, I’m also picking Canelo to beat Cotto

        I didnt watch the entire fight, just the KO, which was brutal. I read it was an even fight up until the knockout, what did you think?

  2. One of the best I’ve seen this year. Smart, savage, nary a dull second.

    Takam looked faster and more agile, darting like a middleweight, and as the character of the fight changed I thought he had more gifts and more ideas. He was crafty, and in it until the end. Very impressive win by Povetkin who I won’t underrate after this.

    • Cool, Takam is a useful fighter, and it’s another good victory on Povetkin’s resume, which is by far the deepest & most accomplished in the division outside of Wlad

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