6 thoughts on “Video –Hopkins-Kovalev 24/7

  1. Fantastic! Seeing Bernard undergoing his physical in his green Alien mask absolutely made my day. 🙂

    Jazz, my other love after film and boxing, has a legendary figure in it named Sun Ra. A musical genius (my well-thumbed Penguin Guide to Jazz, 8th Ed., lavishes seven pages on him and includes two recordings in the recommended Core Collection), he was also part cosmic comedian and part radical prophet. Sound like our Alien? Here, accompanied by a retinue of Egyptian gods (as one just is, you know), he confronts those of little faith:

    • That was my highlight too, B-Hop is genuinely hilarious!

      Haha, I guess now we know what B-Hop has on the record player in the background while he reads Gatsby in his hypothetical study between training sessions. That video also reminded me of the terrific John Sayles film “The Brother from Another Planet” – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0087004/

      • Love that Sayles film. Fond of his Matewan too.

        We have started our Criterion Collection subscription. Winter in MN requires great cinema in the same quantity as logs in the fireplace. It’s always been a dream of mine to have easy access to the collection and the offer through Hulu is an outstanding price.

        Erich Rohmer and Alain Resnais (old favorite) so far. I’ll be getting to the Kieślowski you’ve recommended soon!

      • Havent seen Matewan yet. Really liked Lianna and, especially, Lone Star also.

        Nice, I availed of a free trial on Hulu not long ago & had to marvel at their collection of Criterion films — you will love Kieslowski for sure, a true master of his craft

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