Pound4poundireland Scorecards from October 2014

Dave Ryan 114-112 Tyrone Nurse, official result MD, Ryan wins vacant Commonwealth Jr. Welterweight title

Tommy Karpency 95-95 Chad Dawson, official result Karpency by SD

Vanes Martirosyan 96-94 Willie Nelson, official result UD

Rances Barthelemy 120-108 David Saucedo, official result UD, Barthelemy retains Super Featherweight title

Cornelius Bundrage 118-107 Carlos Molina, official result UD, Bundrage wins Jr. Middleweight title

Rene Alvarado 118-110 Juan Pablo Sanchez, official result UD

Edwin Rodriguez 99-91 Azea Augustama, official result UD

Randy Caballero 116-111 Stuart Hall, official result UD, Caballero wins vacant Bantamweight title

Martin Murray 69-63 Domenico Spada (technical decision), official result TUD

Gavin McDonnell 116-111 Vusi Malinga, official result UD

Kevin Satchell 116-112 Valery Yanchy, official result MD, Satchell wins European Flyweight title

Paul Butler 100-90 Ismael Garnica, official result UD

Derry Mathews 118-108 Adam Dingsdale, official result UD

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