6 thoughts on “Full Fight Video – Bernard Hopkins vs. Sergey Kovalev

  1. Thanks for posting the video, Jeremy.

    Fight went as I thought, sadly. No joy in seeing the aged Hopkins get hit 166 times by one of the hardest punchers alive.

    • You called it better than I then. It was a brutal night, and a breakout win for Kovalev.

      He is an elite & will surely reign at least until a future matchup with Andre Ward.

      Hopkins’ bravery, in simply taking the fight in the first place & in surviving the final round in particular, is a final testament to his legend, and I hope, but sadly doubt, it can be the final memory we have of him in the ring

      • The day before the fight, Golden Boy let it be known B-hop wants GGG. After this weekend, he should ask for AARP.

        I’m not sure Hopkins, raised by street, cell and gym, can envision being of value other than in the ring. I hope someone close tells him otherwise.

      • Agreed, he can still beat the Shumenovs of this world all day long, but if he keeps fighting he will only get himself hurt.

        I fear he will continue and end his career only when he’s finally knocked out

  2. Yeah, and how sad. He’s got tough whiskers and will absorb a lot before that happens.

    I expect Kovalev did some damage. From that first knockdown, Bernard was in terror. No fun at all seeing that, but it is exactly what I thought would happen. I just didn’t think Kovalev would get to him so quickly.

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