6 thoughts on “Full Fight Video – Wladimir Klitschko vs. Kubrat Pulev

  1. Thanks for posting this, Jeremy.

    Good win by Wladdy. He took away the younger fighter’s courage in the very first round.

    Notice he ate a few more punches than usual in this one, likely due to Pulev’s comparable size, and looked wobbly briefly. Should enjoy another year at the top, but how much more?

    • You’re welcome as always

      Pulev did better than most all Wlad opponents, probably because he’s simply better than almost anybody else in the division. Credit to Wlad that he dealt with him in, unusually crowd-pleasing, highlight reel fashion.

      I think he reigns for as long as he wants to. He’ll be smart like his brother and retire when he feels significant slippage.

      Next year will probably comprise of a voluntary in March/April (maybe Briggs….LET’S GO CHAMP!), and then another mandatory (Fury-Chisora II winner)

  2. It was pleasing. So often a Wlad bout is all commanding jab, its reach a telegraph pole of frustration for opponents and fans alike. But he went for intimate fury with Pulev. Credit to him for knowing what to risk and daring damage to win.

    Who do you like in a Pulev-Povetkin meeting?

    A week until the fight I can’t wait for — Eubank v. Saunders. While I hesitate to recommend anything from the sewer of the Daily Mail, this is worth your time for its view of what it means to be Chris Eubank’s son. An almost Dickensian nightmare of egomania, neglect and social engineering in pinstriped jodhpurs, it reminded me of what my favorite Chilean-French surrealist Alejandro Jodorowsky put his own son through in preparation for the lead in his ill-starred Dune project:


    • Absolutely, and I see no reason why he cant retain that aggression in 2015, especially given who he’s likely to face. The question now must be, can he possibly pack in enough defences over the next 4 or 5 years to threaten Louis’ defence record of 25?

      Would be a tremendous fight, I’d give the narrowest edge to Povetkin. Dont expect it to happen now that the latter has left Sauerland.

      Haha I’m not familiar with that Jodorowsky tale, must google it. From Jodorowsky (“If I could kill Spielberg, I’d kill Spielberg”) to Lynch — with the talent involved at various stages, hard to believe Dune ended up such a mess. My Jodorowsky knowledge is lacking, I’ve only seen the terrifically bizarre El Topo.

      Recommendations of three fascinating films I’ve seen recently: Enemy by Denis Villeneuve, and two films from the unique Shane Carruth, Primer & Upstream Colour.

      I love your enthusiasm as an American fight fan for Saunders-Eubank Jr. It has the British (and Irish) fight fraternity buzzing. More drama lately with Eubank Jr. again failing to show up at a scheduled presser, for bogus reasons – https://t.co/3WFulVSJmz (Rich words from Eubank Sr., a man who once got a hefty fine for headbutting an opponent at a weigh-in)

      Winner will also be mandatory for Lee-Korobov vacant world title fight winner.

      Fight week will be immensely entertaining when the two definitely have to come face to face at the final presser and weigh-in. Great card as a whole actually — Fury-Chisora II main event, and also anticipated Gavin-Skeete & Walsh-Sykes fights.

      Thanks for sharing the article, a good read

  3. Glad you enjoyed it.

    Yes, the King of the Jodhpurs is a fine one to talk. Caught the Bunce interview, thanks. Withdrawing from the promotion seems to bring Eubank Sr. full circle to his days of sitting with his back turned to a fuming Nigel Benn on TV. Surely this will only raise Saunders’ ire; maybe it’s the point.

    Villeneuve and Carruth, both unknown names to me, noted! With Criterion to hand at last, there’s been a bit of Bergman mania around this house lately. If I’m not careful it’s going to be the 1950s here all winter.

    The Jodo anecdote comes in the form of a confession he makes in the recent doc Jodorowsky’s Dune, itself highly recommended. I love his films and graphic novels. If you want to go on try Santa Sangre, where his surrealism hitches itself to a somewhat linear narrative — common in his serial writing but less so in his filmmaking. The graphic novels Incal and Metabarons are brilliant. Son of the Gun could be a Nicholas Winding Refn comic (NWR is on hand, btw, in the documentary to lavish praise).

    Wow, impressed you believe Wlad can go on another half decade. So be it! Anthony Joshua will be coming on over that period — perhaps just as Wladdy is wearing out.

    “I love your enthusiasm as an American fight fan for Saunders-Eubank Jr.” When I lived in Europe in the early 90s watching British and German fighters was a constant treat. On coming back to the USA, all that variety went away and with it some of my passion for the sport. Now these many years later the Internet abolishes borders, YouTube pours out its treasures, great blogs like yours exist and a golden age for the fan is here!

    • Eubank Sr. has admitted that he’s living vicariously thru his son…you dont say, Chris?

      Check out Eubank Jr.’s last contest, and obligatory hilarious corner antics & post-fight interview – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EAh9rqxRPtM

      If Junior finds a way to win, Sr. will be hailed as a master of mind games once again.

      Saunders-Eubank Jr. actually has a hint of Martinez-Chavez Jr. about it. Spoiled but talented son of a legend stealing the limelight from the far more accomplished, ‘done it the hard way’ champion.

      Got to love Bergman. What’s your favourite early work of his? Probably The Seventh Seal or The Magician for me.

      I certainly plan to explore more Jodo, thanks for the recommendations. I hear his recent film, his first for over 20 years, is terrific also.

      Yep, that’s the thing, Joshua will probably collect a belt in the next 2 or 3 years, and, while there’s no end in sight for Wlad, 25 defences might be too daunting a task for even the dominant Klitschko.

      Well credit to you for having the open-mind to look further afield, too many American fight focus on the domestic and dismiss the, often superior, boxing that comes from further afield nowadays…and the compliment on my blog is always appreciated and welcome haha

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