4 thoughts on “Full Fight Video – Manny Pacquiao vs. Chris Algieri

  1. Great moments in boxing… Algieri’s corner after the fourth or was it fifth knockdown: “We’re right where we want to be.”

    Appreciated this as always, Jeremy.

    • I feel sorry for Tim Lane, he’s getting a real going over on social media. Algieri had no business sharing a ring with the great Filipino.

      You’re welcome!

      Who would you like to see Pacquiao fight next? Unfortunately I think we’re more likely to get Jessie Vargas than Mayweather

  2. My sentiments exactly. Credit to Algieri for having guts, as this was Kovalev-Hopkins territory.

    So Manny was on fire against overmatched competition, yet I found myself wondering if he has enough juice left for Floyd. On the plus side, the late 2014 version is smarter and more economical, cutting off the ring superbly. He has a punisher’s eye for mistakes. And he hits quite hard (Algieri’s orbital bone looked like it was about to go Terminator on him) if not as hard as before. Admirable, all of it, in such a well-traveled veteran.

    But it was never with his brain that he was going to beat Mayweather. Without the Bruce Lee shit that made Peak Pacquiao so special, I expect Floyd could potshot him to a very cautious points victory, putting up one last supernatural dodging performance. Not that Peak Pretty Boy is still around, either, so there’d be some evening out, but I think age favors the hardly-worn Floyd in that equation. Quite enjoyed Manny’s gibe at him in the post-fight interview. (Fun to see his vast, toothsomely-grinning entourage living it up in the ring, too. Something tells me the Manilla and Washington tax departments are never going to get their money, ha ha.)

    What say you?

    • I’ve always fancied Mayweather by clear decision over Pacquiao, and signs of decline in each hasn’t changed that.

      However, while the “Bruce Lee” explosiveness of prime Pacquiao is what made the fight so intriguing in the first place, the 2014 Mayweather that was troubled by the pressure style of Maidana is obviously more beatable, even by the current Pacquiao.

      In short, 2010 Mayweather toys with Pacquiao, while 2015 Mayweather finds a way to win fairly clearly.

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