2 thoughts on “Full Fight Video – Dereck Chisora vs. Tyson Fury (the first fight)

  1. What are your thoughts on the rematch? Does Chisora’s recent streak say anything promising about him?

    I see you have Fury at #4 in your HW rankings. Admittedly I’ve only watched three or four of his fights, where he has looked to me to be a smart, modestly talented fighter with a big punch. I imagine Povetkin would outclass him and Klitschko would terrorize him. Am I selling Fury short?

    • You’re not, Fury is full of weaknesses and has a pretty thin resume. His lofty ranking was achieved through attrition & isnt indicative of Povetkin/Pulev/Stiverne-level talent.

      Fascinating rematch in many ways. Fury has to be the favourite. He dominated their first fight aside from being hurt once early on. However, Chisora was woefully out of shape that time, and both guys are more polished since then.

      I was tempted to pick Chisora when the fight was originally scheduled because of the momentum he had built up with multiple decent wins in a short span, but now he’s been left inactive too, though not as severely as Fury.

      I pick Fury by competitive decision

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