2 thoughts on “Full Fight Video – Billy Joe Saunders vs. Chris Eubank Jr.

  1. Props to you for calling this result.

    I had Saunders winning comfortably on points, but taking a late beating, too. He looks like good second tier material.

    Eubank Jr. could yet be special, but he showed us how raw he is today. I wonder what Freddie Roach could do with him.

    • Absolutely fascinating fight as expected.

      I had Saunders winning by just a single point, and I’m happy for him that he got the last say for now in the grudge match. (Amazingly, Eubank was the betting favourite by the time the fight began…I took advantage of that to pocket a few euro haha) He’s done things the right way, progressing through British & European level, beating all comers, and deserves his shot at the Korobov-Lee winner.

      I think Saunders can win a world title, but have very serious doubts he can compete with the elite of the division.

      I see the same upside in Eubank that you do. He has the potential to be a huge star of the future, and could have beaten Saunders last night if only he’d had the experience of 1 or 2 12 rounders & an opponent-level better than journeymen.

      It’ll make for a huge rematch some day too.

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