4 thoughts on “Full Fight Video – Timothy Bradley vs. Diego Chaves

  1. Thanks, Jeremy, enjoyed this. Both men fought well and I gave Bradley a slight edge, but several hard fights may have taken something off his punch.

    How did you see it?

    • I spoke too soon about less robberies this year. Disgusting decision. Bradley faded down the stretch but I had him winning 118-110.

      He was in Provodnikov fight-mode too much however, brawling instead of boxing like he did against Marquez. He made the fight hard for himself & this allowed the judges to rob him of the victory

  2. Bradley now says he lost five rounds. I’m ready to take over Julie Lederman’s job. 😉

    Yes, I agree with you about his brawling. Too bad, as he was slick when he wanted to be.

    After the third head clash, he seemed to go into overdrive. The shattered cheek and closing eye will have added some alacrity.

    But his flush shots scarcely slowed Chaves, who was walloped by Thurman and has been knocked down by lesser fighters. Bradley goes into my “questions to answer” category after this one.

    • Chaves did better against Thurman, winning the opening 3 rounds, than he did against Bradley, from my viewpoint.

      Bradley has always been pretty feather fisted, so I’m not at all surprised that Chaves walked through his shots. If he’d played slickster, I think he would’ve pitched a shutout.

      I felt he had questions to answer after the near-defeat to Provodnikov, but, at this point, I’m comfortable that he is an elite level talent, despite the workmanlike nature of the Chaves fight

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