Pound4poundireland’s 2014 Year-End Super Flyweight top 10

1. Naoya Inoue

2. Carlos Cuadras

3. Omar Narvaez

4. Zolani Tete

5. Srisaket Sor Rungvisai

6. Kohei Kono

7. Norberto Jimenez

8. McJoe Arroyo

9. Felipe Orucuta

10. Arthur Villanueva


– Inoue enters at the top spot after demolishing Narvaez, who drops to 3rd


– Jiminez enters at 7 after drawing with Kono


– David Sanchez and Oleydong Sithsamerchai exit

8 thoughts on “Pound4poundireland’s 2014 Year-End Super Flyweight top 10

  1. Just caught Inoue’s trouncing of Narvaez — impressive! Not a division I’ve paid attention to much, but I’ll certainly be watching this prodigy’s career.

  2. Ah, excellent. I can always rely on you to point me in the direction of great boxers. Shall check out Roman Gonzalez.

    Seen any good cinema lately? Me, a little Buñuel only. Planning to go through his Mexican films of which The Exterminating Angel was a fine first stop.

    • Gonzalez is one of the pound for pound best, and has a thrilling come-forward style. He’s a must-see for any boxing fan

      Just rewatching Ceylan (Anatolia, Uzak, Climates) while introducing him to some friends of mine. Was impressed recently too by Mike Leigh’s Naked and Neil LaBute’s In the Company of Men.

      I’ve also downloaded Come and See!

      • I love those three films. Leigh, LaBute, Klimov: men from very different places whose sensibility is not, in the end, so different at all.

        Just watched a few seconds (that’s all it took to know I must save the rest for the full viewing) of the trailer for Once Upon A Time in Anatolia. This weekend, I hope.

        Have just ordered a book on Carol Reed, an old, old favorite. Recently I saw Polanski saying Odd Man Out was his favorite movie, and had made him want to direct.

      • I love The Third Man, but I think that’s all I’ve seen. I’ve just ordered the BFI’s ten disc Herzog set

        You have to let me know what you think of Anatolia — two of my friends (at least one of whom has good film taste haha) immediately ranked it among their favourite films ever

  3. Deeply impressed by Ceylan’s artistry and humanity. The way he turns a police procedural into a spiritual panopticon with its lens in every haunted soul is really something. The black humor, too, worked a treat for me.

    Antonioni was cited in Peter Bradshaw’s review, but I was more immediately reminded of recent Haneke. I felt in Anatolia the same capacious probing of meaning beyond the merely personal as in The White Ribbon. In their art, both men can turn the troubled life into a compass to larger things.

    Cheers for the great tip and I’ll be watching his other two as well.

    • Nice one, I’m very happy you enjoyed your first taste of Ceylan so much! I enjoyed “spiritual panopticon”, an apt description of his work! I’m of course also a fan of Haneke and The White Ribbon

      Will be seeing Birdman tomorrow, looking forward to it very much

      Also watched A Woman Under the Influence recently — a fascinating, but often frustrating film, that will likely grow on me with future repeat viewings

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