4 thoughts on “Video – ALL ACCESS: STIVERNE VS. WILDER

  1. Thanks for posting this, very enjoyable. Can’t wait.

    I like the thoughtful Stiverne, but I fear he’s going to suffer. Height, reach, speed, mobility, power — some serious disadvantages. Wilder has faced the better competition, too. In only two departments do I think Stiverne has the edge: whiskers and craft. I’ll take Wilder by 5th round stoppage.

    • You’re welcome, great fight to start 2015!

      I think Stiverne has the advantages in speed of hand and foot, and definitely think he’s faced the better opposition. Ok, Stiverne has basically just fought Arreola twice, but that’s levels above Wilder’s dreck.

      That said, I think this fight will be a shootout, and I favour Wilder’s power to carry the day, ending matters within 3 rounds. If this happens, question marks surrounding his chin and stamina will remain however.

      I’d prefer to see Stiverne win though, because the chances of him facing Wlad K. to crown an undisputed champ in the not too distant future are a lot more favourable than Wilder’s.

      If Wilder prevails, I have doubts we’ll ever see him fight Klitschko, and we’ll probably see him defend vs. the likes of Arreola as part of Haymon’s new NBC deal.

      Major boxing news from today: Andre Ward signs with Rocnation and will finally be boxing again in the spring, and LA Times reporting Mayweather-Pacquiao negotiations are progressing well, as well as GB settling with Schaefer (GB will keep Khan, Matthysse, and Santa Cruz; Haymon to take Broner, Garcia, Jacobs and others) – http://www.latimes.com/sports/sportsnow/la-sp-sn-floyd-mayweather-manny-pacquiao-progress-20150109-story.html

    • Cant wait, & Teddy’s predictions are usually wrong so that makes me worry further about my prediction haha…which is also Wilder in the first

      I have no confidence in that pick and no outcome, other than the fight going the distance, would surprise me

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