2 thoughts on “Patrick Connor for The Queensberry Rules: “NO DIFFERENT: JERMAIN TAYLOR UNRAVELS”

  1. Good find. Taylor sounds hopeless. So many boxing lives end worse than they begin that the idea of a pension scheme — allied to much stricter licensing standards — is painfully obvious.

    No promoter or network, of course, is keen to volunteer for it., the whole point of power based on money being self-perpetuation. Good luck to Taylor and all the other Taylors in the making.

    • It’s a very sad situation. Boxing brings a better life to so many, but also chews up & mercilessly spits out those who cannot handle the rigors of being punched in the head for a living.

      Boxing’s utter lack of infrastructure to protect those in need of help is possibly the most odious aspect of the sport we love.

      Good luck to Taylor indeed. He’s off the streets for now & hopefully will be protected from himself. Haymon and the usually likable DiBella should be ashamed of themselves for being behind his ill-advised comeback

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