8 thoughts on “Full Fight Video – Mike Alvarado vs. Brandon Rios III

  1. I am all for histrionics, in fact. My feeling listening to boxing in languages I have little knowledge of or don’t know at all is that “Down goes Frazier!!!” sounds bloody boring by comparison. 😉

  2. Admittedly, I never felt a thing for these Ward-Gatti caliber slugfests. Your thoughts on the trilogy?

    For my money Cosell’s strength wasn’t fight broadcasting as much as his post-fight analysis, commentary and interviews. There he was a rarity and anachronism: an intellectual bridging the pre-media age world of books to one becoming simpler as it turned televisual. (To do this in America, where intelligence is hated, and where he was also despised for his Jewishness, took massive nerve.) When I think of watching and worshipping Ali as a boy, I automatically think of the interviews with Howard, too, which range from joyful and appreciative to sober and even melancholy, especially toward the end. I think there’s a similarity between Teddy and Cosell — in their grasp of what’s beneath the spectacle, a sensitivity and moral intelligence about people — although next to Teddy on the specifics most boxing broadcasters must pale.

    February can’t come soon enough: three weeks until Glolovkin and then Eubank Jr.’s return on the Tyson Fury card!

    • Excellent trilogy in my opinion, but a pity it ended with a Corrales-Castillo II type one-sided beating, rather than a fitting Gatti-Ward III-like conclusion. I still thoroughly enjoyed the 3rd fight, despite its one sided nature, but I’m a sucker for a slugfest at any level.

      Rios can now move on to bigger things, while Alvarado is totally shot, and should, but sadly won’t, retire. Rumours are he indulges in hard drug use, and, incidentally, the same was recently speculated of Jermain Taylor by his own trainer.

      Nice Cosell analysis. I must confess that I’m not nearly as familiar with him as you are, despite watching many Ali and Leonard fights with him on commentary.

      Very frustrated that I cant find a way online of listening to Teddy’s new weekly radio show on Sirius.

      I’m more excited about March with the beginning of the NBC and Spike cards, but Feb will be fun too. Flanagan-Ormond, Abraham-Smith II and (on free TV in UK and Ireland) Frampton-Avalos are also of particular interest to fans over here.

      Lots of talk about Mayweather-Pacquiao announcement being imminent…though I’ve been burnt too many times to expect anything other than Mayweather-Cotto II instead.

      The same 8 words apply: I will believe it when I see it

    • Working my way thru the Herzog collection! Will check that Curtis film out

      Saw Inherent Vice and as a fan of Anderson was very disappointed. Birdman, on the other hand, is excellent

      You could also listen to Teddy’s show online and you can sub for a month for free in the US I believe

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