12 thoughts on “Full Fight Video – Gennady Golovkin vs. Martin Murray

  1. Thanks for the posting this, Jeremy.

    Good lord, Murray is a hard man. A corner retirement would have been no shame, for MM’s sharp replies did not put him “back in the fight,” as one of his trainers wishfully said to the ref. Back in the line of fire, more like.

    If GGG seemed to walk through Murray’s punches, they surely marked him up. Excitingly in the old school manner, he’s willing to eat two or three to deliver his own five or six, which apparently feel like ten or twelve. My enjoyment of this predatory style couldn’t be higher. Time itself in a GGG fight has a relentless quality, measured entirely in the Kazakh time zone: his ring-cutting the hour hand and his pawing and smashing the seconds and minutes.

    In spots, Murray showed that a big counter right over the low guard is the sweet spot on a resetting GGG. Roy Jones Jr. or James Toney would have aimed there mercilessly. Not sure they could have withstood the price, though I would give a prime RJJ odds based on his otherworldly speed and mobility. Would you agree?

    No one can blame other middleweights now for hoping GGG simply moves up and leaves them alone. I don’t know if his power would carry up to SMW, but the prospect of his nailing the Nazarene Andre Ward excites the Roman in me. 😉

    • You’re welcome. Another devastating GGG performance and Murray was incredibly brave. Too brave for his own good, in fact. His corner should certainly have pulled him out 2 or 3 rounds before the ref stepped in and I hope the punishment accumulated doesn’t affect him in the long run.

      I feel bad for Murray, who I believe beat both Sturm and Martinez, only to get the short end of the stick away from home both times. Then a 3rd title shot comes, but it’s against the fearsome GGG. He must be wondering, with Andy Lee’s luck of the Irish in mind, where is his Matt Korobov shot?

      I’d certainly favour prime Roy over GGG but confess I’m not familiar enough with Toney to judge.

      Lol @ “Nazarene”, throw him in with the Lion Golovkin!

      His power definitely carries to 168 imo, and I’ve long viewed Ward-Golovkin as the #1 fight in the sport (May-Pac be damned — THANK GOD that fight has been finalized though, partly so everyone can shut up after it’s over). I dont expect it to happen anytime soon unfortunately, as GGG is rightly focused on 160 for the time being. Maybe Canelo is the PPV superfight for him down the line.

      Worth noting that Doug Fischer and Max Kellerman say theyve seen the footage of GGG dropping Kovalev to the body in sparring, back when Kovalev worked with Abel Sanchez.

      Better Call Saul going strong. Watched Ceylan’s debut film Kasaba the other day. Intimidatingly good, & probably one of the best debuts I’ve ever seen.

  2. Love what Vince Gilligan is doing with Saul. Puts me in mind of the best days of the Coen Bros., now twenty-five years past.

    Keen to see more by the masterful Ceylan — best tip I’ve had in years.

    That is quite impressive to read about GGG and Kovalev. Ward had better start in with his loaves and fishes!

    Murray gave Golovkin a few inspired shots, I thought, all the more so for their being fired at great risk in those gaps in the fusillade. Too bad for him. Gifted and a warrior, but one who drew the wrong tickets while lesser talents coast on good divisional fortune.

    Strongly agree it should have been ended earlier. His rising from those two knees was breathtaking. One wanted to say, You’ve proven everything with that, mate. Now, go home.

    Here is a plan to ruin boxing: institute a formula for mandatory bout endings, using realtime punch stats to determine when a boxer’s had too much for his own good. The formula would necessarily skew in favor of stopping fights were the aggressor’s record of KOs and stoppages is high, like GGG’s. So: 150 power shots to the head from Gennady, and you’re deep in the red zone. We’d also factor in, let’s say, a logarithmically scaling number of knockdowns in the fight, so that your third knockdown is weighted much more than your first and second. This could be updated in real time onscreen, and, while it would prove controversial, it might also have an unintended consequence of inspiring greater action, as fighters would step on the gas looking for a mandatory stoppage. Plus, I’m pretty sure FaceLube would want to sponsor it. 😉

    • Which Ceylan films have you seen so far?

      His enigmatic short, Cocoon, is on youtube & I’ll be finally seeing his Palme D’Or winning Winter Sleep on Monday.

      Are you familiar with Sokurov? I’ve only seen a couple of his films and been impressed. Ordered The Sun on dvd the other day. Pedro Costa is another director I plan to look into soon.

      Only Werner Herzog could have made Heart of Glass. Not sure what to make of it, but it merits rewatching. I was surprised to see my native County Kerry front and centre in the final sequence!

      I think any time we’ve seen an attempt to computerize boxing’s scoring and officiating, it’s resulted in even more problems than with the subjectivity of human error. Case in point, the Olympic computer points system, thankfully now changed back to the trusty ‘ten point must’.

  3. Only the one Ceylan thus far; more to come soon. No familiarity with Sokurov or Costa, I’m afraid.

    Did you see Eubanks-Chudinov? From the midway point, it became one of the most vicious beatings in recent memory. Eubanks on fire and showboating, Chudinov with his eyes sliced up yet even more determined than Murray against GGG to take endless punishment, a blind Swiss ref who’d finally call it with a minute left in the fight.

    It got more surreal when Rawling and Jones spoke of Eubanks: “…nasty in a way you like to see…” “He’s horrible, John. Horrible…he feeds off the pain he gives the other guy!…” “Kind of X-rated, isn’t it?” ” “…he has the look of a serial killer. Just so emotionless on his face.” (Long pause.) “Well, that’s probably putting it a bit too far.”

    As far as the sort of advertising money can’t buy, this can only help, but it was unlike anything I’ve ever heard from the announcer’s booth. Surreal.

    • Sokurov is often called Russia’s heir to Tarkovsky. You may have heard of his excellent one-take film, Russian Ark. Costa is little known, but feted by many in the hardcore arthouse set. He is visiting Dublin soon with his latest film, hence why I’d like to familiarize myself with him.

      Winter Sleep is a challenging new direction for Ceylan in terms of style. Dialogue-heavy, novel-like structure (adapted from 2 Chekhov stories), but it’s rewarding &, at times, stunning. Multiple viewings needed to take it all in.

      Eubank was at times impressive, but often crude in my opinion, having trouble with the slugger style of the limited Chudinov. He has yet to settle on his ring identity as foremost a brawler or a boxer. His limited amateur experience showed at times in my opinion. This experience will stand him in good stead though, and he pulled away nicely after a difficult first half to the fight. The stoppage was particularly impressive. The referee was a joke & I’ll be commenting on that in more detail in a short upcoming article.

      LOL @ that commentator exchange. Amusingly this isn’t the first time Barry has compared Junior to a serial killer, which prompted me to tweet him a few months ago with the following: “There is an idea of a Chris Eubank Jr., some kind of abstraction, but there is no real him, only an entity, something illusory”.

      Barry responded approvingly, but I doubt he got the reference haha

      • Excellent Easton Ellis reference. Couldn’t remember its source myself until I’d Googled, ha ha.

        Btw, you might have caught the recent introduction to the new edition by Irvine Welsh, recently republished in the Guardian. Welsh makes a case — too big a case, I thought, but he is such a pleasure to read who could mind? — for American Psycho being the novel of our times. My problem with that is it can be read as a portrait of nihilistic sadism without seeing Welsh’s great exposé at all, but oh well.

        Must confess to having missed out entirely on Sokurov’s rise. He sounds superb, and the three films on Russian military life look especially interesting to me.

        Hearing about Ceylan’s latest whets my appetite. The Viking Portable Library of Chekov is right here on the shelf, as it happens. I’ll have to reread the sources and see what he did with them.

        Concur all around with your take on Eubank’s performance. He is not rapidly able, at this point, to suss out his opposition. Once he does manage it, fewer shots get through as a very different fighter emerges — more feral than the Mr. Elusive act he put on briefly Saturday night, a split which showed the self-discovery you point out. The physical gifts (which now appear also to include world-beating stamina) either are or aren’t going to be harnessed by a superior mental game, but it’s sure fun watching to see. After GGG, he’s the fighter I most wait to see back in the ring.

      • Haha thanks, I’ve been tweeting Eubank/American Psycho references to Barry ever since, but he hasnt been biting!

        As it happens, I did read that Welsh piece. I love the American Psycho book and movie: the latter I regard as one of the best films of its decade.

        I’ve only seen Russian Ark, One Day in the Life of Andrei Arsenevich (his documentary on Tarkovsky) Mother and Son & A Humble Life so far, but they are excellent. Looking forward to The Sun.

        Nice! I’ve never read Chekhov, but loved the Uncle Vanya on 42nd St. film by Malle. I’ll certainly be correcting that in the future. Ceylan’s debut, Kasaba, also has dialogue lifted from Chekhov & Clouds in May is dedicated to him.

        Haha I love your enthusiasm for Eubank as an American fan. I have high hopes for him and see him as one of the biggest stars in British boxing in a few years. He’s going to the US to train at the Mayweather gym (as he has done for long periods before) in the leadup to the Pacquiao fight

  4. Enjoyable Eubanks interview. As he’s a work in progress, it wouldn’t hurt to hold off on the Saunders rematch until next year.

    • Eubank does genuinely want the Saunders rematch ASAP, for which I have to give him credit. Even though he’s still so raw, I’m convinced he wins it whenever it happens

      • Really, already? While I’ve only seen two Saunders fights, I think he’s still more technically sound, though how much that will count for down the stretch is a question he may live to regret. It may be wishful thinking but it does seem as if Eubank’s maturation into a better fighter is occurring round by round, in real time.

      • Yes, I think Eubank has the ideal style to break Saunders down, especially when Billy tires late as has happened often in his fights.

        If he’d had the Chudinov fight as experience prior to fighting Saunders, I believe Eubank would have won their first meeting

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