4 thoughts on “Video – Pacquaio’s S&C coach Justin Fortune on PEDs “If you’re top 10: you’re either on it, been on it, or thinking about going on it”

  1. Where I come from, that’s known as a smoking gun.

    Big Lennox Lewis fan that you are, I bet you’ve seen how he once dealt with Fortune. 😉

    • Freddie Roach is also quoted as saying that Fortune used PEDs himself as a fighter.

      Lol, I also recommend Lewis’ brutal shellacking of Sky Sports broadcaster Glenn McCrory

  2. Had a look in. It appeared McCrory’s head was about to come off.

    Now, humanitarian that I am, it’s hard to recommend this as a rite of passage for all Murdoch journos, but what the hell. 😉

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