Pound4poundireland’s March 29th Featherweight top 10

1. Nicholas Walters

2. Gary Russell Jr.

3. Evgeny Gradovich

4. Simpiwe Vetyeka

5. Jayson Velez

6. Jhonny Gonzalez

7. Abner Mares

8. Lee Selby

9. Vasyl Lomachenko

10. Robinson Castellanos


– Nonito Donaire exits after moving down in weight


– Russell Jr. enters at 2nd after battering Gonzalez, who drops to 6th

4 thoughts on “Pound4poundireland’s March 29th Featherweight top 10

    • Thanks for the compliment.

      It was a thorny issue, which was also debated at length by those over at the TBRB this weekend (I am a member of their ratings panel) – http://www.tbrb.org/

      To quote one of the TBRB chairs, Springs Toledo: “Featherweight complexity! Nine months ago, Vasyl Lomachenko (#7) defeated Gary Russell Jr. On Saturday night, Russell defeated #2-ranked Jhonny Gonzalez. The question before the board was a confusing one: Where to rank Lomachenko? The most heated debate in the history of the Transnational Rankings Board saw members duking it out and different approaches offered. One idea, proposed by the chairs, was to “adjust” Lomachenko’s ranking based on his defeat of Russell last June and move him to #2, with Russell at #3. Another was to rank Russell at #2 or #3 based on the plain fact that Russell defeated a top contender while Lomachenko has yet to defeat a contender. Yet another was to rank Russell just below Lomachenko, which honored the clear pecking order but didn’t make any post-facto adjustments that several members would not support. Given that more members were against adjusting Lomachenko ranking and even more members were against ranking Russell over Lomachenko, the collective will of the board was best reflected by the third option. No side won, but no side lost either, and peace has returned to the erstwhile rivals on the board.”

      For me, it came down to Russell demolishing my divisional #1, whereas Lomachenko had never beaten a rated contender, despite the 9 month-old win over Russell, who was an unrated prospect at the time. I don’t for one second believe Russell is now superior to Lomachenko, however, and I expect that this rating discrepancy will work itself out in time. If Lomachenko wins his next fight convincingly, then I anticipate a ratings rise.

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