Pound4poundireland’s March 29th Welterweight top 10

1. Floyd Mayweather Jr.

2. Manny Pacquiao

3. Timothy Bradley

4. Keith Thurman

5. Juan Manuel Marquez

6. Kell Brook

7. Marcos Maidana

8. Amir Khan

9. Shawn Porter

10. Brandon Rios

– Brook rises one spot after crushing Ionut Dan Ion, who exits

– Rios enters at 10

9 thoughts on “Pound4poundireland’s March 29th Welterweight top 10

  1. The rebuilt Sheffield wonder looked as if he could sneeze on Dan and knock him down. Good for Brook recuperating so well, but what a woeful mandatory.

    Thurman-Brook ASAP, please. I’d lean toward Thurman for speed and mobility, though not by much. Brook nicely neutralized Porter’s busy, darting style.

    Who do you see on top at welterweight as Floyd and Manny depart? I don’t think Bradley’s going to have enough left to fend off challengers for long.

    • Brook looked terrific, and I’ve always quietly rated Dan & thought he could trouble Brook, esp. coming off the brutal stabbing incident. He looked way out of his depth at world level though. I agree that you should have to do more to become mandatory in a stacked division than beating Kevin Bizier.

      I’d quite heavily favour Thurman over Brook, but dont expect the fight to happen anytime soon. Too much money to be made by Brook and his promoters at home to risk any more US trips for the forseeable.

      Bradley likely moving to 154 soon, rumours of a Bundrage fight next. Thurman and Khan lead the way for me, but Mayweather and Pacquiao still have a few more years left at or near the top. Errol Spence and Felix Verdejo are names for the future also.

  2. Think that’s a good move for Bradley? If he’s been killing himself to make welter, OK, but I think he’ll age fast. Too many shots from big shooters.

    I think Floyd quits by next summer unless Uncle Sam comes calling for unpaid taxes, or a bailiff comes with a subpoena, or a hip hop mogul comes with an Uzi. Possibly all of the above! Manny I see hanging around in order to pay off tax men in Manilla and Washington, and to feed an entourage of seeming Biblical proportions.

    I must check out Spence and Verdejo!

    • I think Manny and Floyd will be fighting for years to come due to financial issues, as ludicrous as that is given their astronomical earnings.

      You’re a lot more down on Bradley than I am. He didn’t look sharp in his last fight (getting robbed by blind judges in the process), but I’m optimistic about his future. He’s short for 154 and above, but his walking-around weight is in the 190s. Bundrage should be a comfortable entry into the division, with a belt for him to pick up also.

      He’d be an ideal opponent for the Cotto-Canelo winner (rumoured again for September)

    • Random film recommendation: Xavier Dolan’s Mommy. Tremendous stuff: vibrant visual style combined with Cassavetes-esque domestic melodrama.

      Dolan is only 25 and has already made a handful of features, his first made at aged 19. Mommy won the joint 3rd prize at last year’s Cannes.

  3. Thanks for the film tips! With Saul winding down (spectacularly, I might add) I’ll be making more time for cinema.

    I like Bradley; I just sense the road wear is beginning to manifest itself.

    Madly impressive watching the Pac-Mayweather public response. Our mainstream press, which generally ignores boxing, is dutifully on board with its “fight of the century” blather. I’m not sure it will even be the fight of the springtime. But to suggest as much is treason — we don’t do modesty or proportion in this country.

    I’m curious about why you think Mayweather will need to crawl back. The usual living too large? I don’t get the impression he has loved boxing in a very long time.

  4. You convinced me.

    That amusing/horrific Daily Mail piece suggests a formula for determining how long the cash will last. He spends $100K/day which is ~$36m/yr. Net worth is estimated at $300m. So, at current burn rate, and assuming some ROI plus a big roll from the upcoming fight of the century, the wad has around 8 years left in it. Of course that’s just the spending allowance. It doesn’t count entourage, residential upkeep, asset depreciation, taxes, demanding strippers, lawsuits, pedicures, keeping up with the Biebers, or a visit from the next version of Three Comma Joe.

    • Lol @ keeping up with the Biebers, pedicures and demanding strippers — la vida loca de Money May!

      He is also a huge gambler, and often posts winning betting slips worth hundreds of grand on his social media feeds. Of course, what we don’t get to see are his losing bets…

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