6 thoughts on “NY Times profiles Serafim Todorov: “The Last Man to Beat Floyd Mayweather Jr. Still Regrets It”

  1. Jesus. That was like something out of Gorky or Tarkovsky. Well-done and the kind of read that can put one’s own petty problems in perspective.

    • Impressive first season. It would be a legitimately quality show had there been no Breaking Bad preceding. Bravo Gilligan and co.

      Speaking of Netflix, the Sergio Martinez doc ‘Maravilla’ is available now, and well worth a watch imo

  2. Thanks for tip re Martinez doc. I’m curious.

    Yes, Gilligan pulled it off nicely. Good balancing of the plot lines and easy eliding between modes of tragedy and black comedy. The antihero rides again, against all odds, in American entertainment.

    Ex-cop Ehrmantraut’s hunting of his son’s killers with its closing confession scene was the heart of the season for me. Second favorite bit was Saul negotiating for reduced sentences in the desert. 😉

    • I think the latter was my favourite scene also (another contender is Chuck suddenly intoning “20 million dollars, or we’ll see you in court”), but Ehrmantraut makes a great supporting character to Saul. Breaking Bad was full of characters and skilled character actors that could carry their own show.

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