Named & Shamed: Judging the Judges (March 2015)

March 7th – Judge Danrex Tapdasan scored home fighter Zhou Yun Fei the 38-37 winner over Paul Valenzuela, despite the Chinese being floored in the first round and almost stopped in the fourth, which Tapsadan evidently laughably scored for Yun Fei.

Thankfully the other two judges saw sense and Valenzuela left with the win.

March 14th – Steve Cunningham lost a decision to Vyacheslav Glazkov that most observers felt he had done enough to win.

The 116-112 tallies from Pasquale Procopio and Sylvain Leblanc demonstrated that he never really had a chance.

This is at least the fourth time a dubious decision has gone against Cunningham (Wlodarcyk I, Hernandez I, Adamek II).

By contrast, Glazkov has been the beneficiary on two prior occasions of scoring which has kept his unbeaten mark intact (Rossy & Scott).

March 27th – Referee Marcus McDonnell belatedly deducted two points from Matty Askin for holding during his fight with Ovill McKenzie, but failed to exert authority and stop the bout descending into the biggest hug-fest since Klitschko-Povetkin.

Askin should have been disqualified.

March 28th – The 118-110 and 118-109 cards from Giuseppe Quartarone and Soren Saugmann never gave visiting Oleksandr Yegorov a fair shake in his competitive fight with Gavin McDonnell.

Later that night, does anyone know how Adalaide Byrd scored Jermell Charlo a 97-93 winner over Vanes Martirosyan? Charlo left with a debatable UD.

* But instead of making it all about negativity, let’s finish by focusing on a couple of officiating positives from the month of March:

Luis Pabon, widely derided as one of boxing’s worst referees, made a rare perfect timing call in halting the Sergey Kovalev-Jean Pascal fight at exactly the right time.

And, with the weight of Macau on their shoulders, the three judges for the Zou Shiming-Amnat Ruenroeng fight scored the fight fairly for the awkward Thai over the Chinese Olympic hero.

Glenn Feldman, Robert Hoyle and Jerry Jakubco all had it 116-111, an accurate reflection of the visitor Ruenroeng’s superiority.

It says a lot about boxing that many thought a Ruenroeng decision win in Macau was unthinkable, but thankfully justice was done.

2 thoughts on “Named & Shamed: Judging the Judges (March 2015)

  1. Bravo.

    Of the fights in question I saw only Kovalev-Pascal and fully concur: rare good stoppage.

    Recently on Youtube I came upon Garcia’s blowout of Khan. There, US ref Kenny Bayliss warns Garcia no fewer than four times across two rounds for low blows, evidently prepared to draw the line at some logarithmically-projected point in time. Khan has no one to blame for the KO loss but himself, yet the body attack (low as well as legit) was instrumental in turning the tide in what had begun as a very painful pasting of Garcia.

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