April 10th’s Random Boxing Rants

PBC belts on the way?

Montreal Journal says yes: https://pound4poundireland.wordpress.com/2015/04/09/montreal-journal-reports-that-premier-boxing-champions-belts-are-on-the-way/

Say it ain’t so…

An interesting perspective from UCN’s John Chavez on potential profit strategies for Al Hamon’s PBC and his hedge fund investors: http://ucnlive.com/a-second-look-at-the-premier-boxing-champions-platform/


Amir Khan-Chris Algieri sucks & might as well be Khan-Malignaggi II


Unsurprisingly, Eddie Hearn has announced that his May 30th Brook-Gavin, Linares-Mitchell & Gradovich-Selby triple world title card (with a deep undercard besides that) will be on Sky Sports Box Office PPV.

In my opinion, it’s a fantastic card and well worth any boxing fan’s money. However, my excitement is tempered by a mild amount of frustration.

The criticism from many stems from Hearn’s bluster in the past about saving PPVs only for major fights that couldn’t financially be made without the PPV model (think Brook-Khan, rather than Brook-Gavin, the nominal main event for this card), as well as the quality of regular Sky cards in the 11 months since the groundbreaking Froch-Groves II Wembley extravaganza, which have almost entirely ranged from mediocre to outright rubbish (what the hell was with that Joshua-Gavern dreck?).

It is a bit opportunistic to stick what could be 3 or 4 legitimate Sky headliners on one night and charge a PPV pricetag, but that’s the business of boxing and the Hearn model is still preferable to the terrible PPVs (Haye-Harrison, Haye-Ruiz, Khan-Salita) of the years preceding Sky’s exclusive deal with Matchroom



Got to feel sorry for James DeGale. No doubt promised Carl Froch, and instead he has to travel to the US to face ‘who needs him club’ member Andre Dirrell on a Haymon card on May 23rd, after good ol’ Al blew Hearn’s purse bid out of the water.

With Ricky Burns and Jamie McDonnell also facing daunting tasks next month on another Haymon card, I have a feeling it’s going to be a sobering time for British boxers abroad



The WBO 160lb. circus takes its latest turn tomorrow, with Andy Lee’s first defence in New York against the man who vacated the belt, then sat on his ass for a year, Peter Quillin.

Lee took advantage by dramatically knocking out Matt Korobov in December to pick up the vacant title.

Andy then turned down an easy Dublin defence (with the potential for a major stadium fight afterwards) in exchange for a big Haymon payday, and a defence in which he’ll be the underdog, but who can blame him? Make that $$ while the getting is good.

I think Quillin largely dominates and stops Lee somewhere from rounds 8 to 10, only because Lee won’t settle for a decision loss and will go all-out for the comeback KO


As for what’s next for the Lee-Quillin winner, for those reading between the lines, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that mandatory Billy Joe Saunders, who took step-aside money from Haymon to allow Quillin to fight for the belt, is going to turn down yet another (if my count is correct, this would be a 5th time) title shot in favour of a big money rematch with Chris Eubank Jr. later this year.

I don’t see the logic in this, as Saunders could take the payday and title chance (even if he had to travel to fight Quillin), and the Eubank rematch (in which most would favour Eubank to level the score between the two) would always be there afterwards.

If he loses to Eubank, his stock takes a significant dent and his world title shot goes up in smoke.

We all know what Saunders’ promoter Frank Warren wants, which is Saunders-Eubank II to headline his biggest card of the year, potentially outdoors in a stadium, and it looks like he’ll get his way



Against all odds, we are 3 weeks away from Mayweather-Pacquiao.

As much craic as the fight/event will be (but what’s with the boring, non-existent build-up so far?), I’m already looking forward to the aftermath, when boxing can finally move on from this elephant in the room that has dominated its landscape for 5+ years

2 thoughts on “April 10th’s Random Boxing Rants

  1. Good luck to Andy Lee, who I imagine you’ll be rooting for.

    IMO Eubank Jr. still isn’t ready. Based on the Chudinov win he needs the luxury of several rounds to figure out one-dimensional opponents. Those will be rounds in the bank for Saunders, who has at least a half a dimension to spare.

    I’m sure the Mayweathers are helping, but Kid Jodhpurs really should go fight some better guys first — a position I recall you taking last time.

    A PBC belt is, I suppose, inevitable. The economic landscape of the USA was largely rewritten by hedge funds, that is, by Wall St. might running unchecked since the Reagan era. And with it slithered in cultural changes — obedience, tameness before power, and a sense everyone is disposable and everything for sale. As money recasts boxing in its image, it’ll want trinkets to match. I propose the belt make use of the familiar billionaire from the Monopoly board game, fine-tuned for context:

    • Absolutely, good luck to Andy, universally regarded as one of the nicest men in boxing. And the WBO title circus has taken another turn with Quillin failing to make weight, meaning Lee walks out with the title no matter what happens.

      Eubank is still very raw & far from ready for world level, but, since the final bell of their clash, I’ve felt Eubank beats Saunders whenever they rematch, simply because of the lessons he learned in fight #1. Also, I think Eubank has upside that Saunders, who I think is in his prime now, doesn’t have. The opponents for BJS and Eubank on May 9th are poor btw.

      Indeed, boxing is being remoulded in the Haymon image, for better or worse. PBC belts seem an inevitable next step and an important branding tool on the way to establishing PBC as boxing’s UFC.

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