2 thoughts on “Full Fight Video – Danny Garcia vs. Lamont Peterson

  1. I saw a poor video of the fight, so my score — giving Garcia the slightest of edges based on first-half output — isn’t one I’d swear by. How’d you have it?

    Peterson impressed me and had he got off his bicycle even one round earlier, the fight looked like it was his for the taking. Admittedly, he had to be wary against even a Garcia struggling to make the catch weight. His early evasive strategy was a good idea — but when was the right moment to spring the trap?

    Peterson will now spend his days wondering if he could have stood his ground earlier without being KO’d. Garcia goes on with a win that often saw him embarrassed and left him looking like road kill.

    • I had Peterson 8-4 and thought he got a bad rap in the early rounds for his back-foot boxing. He dictated the fight throughout and scored heavily in the nebulous category known as ‘ring generalship’.

      Garcia’s stock has plummeted since the Matthysse win. Hard to see him being a serious player at welterweight but you can bet your ass the matchmaking will be careful from Haymon et al.

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