5 thoughts on “Full Fight Video – Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. vs. Andrzej Fonfara

  1. Julio Cesar appears to have known he was in the wrong ring from the first bell, when his complaining began. Brutal, methodical dissection by Fonfara, who was a model of precision and pacing. Even if it was something of a mismatch Chavez Jr. was game until the knockdown, making this my favorite bout this year.

    The presence of Chavez Sr., looking forlorn and anxious at ringside, added something in the way a grim pantomime chorus. In his wilting bandana, slugging at phantoms, he knew early on it wasn’t going to work out, didn’t he?

    I enjoyed Fonfara’s post-fight interview where he described his fight psychology; he appears to be somewhat droll. Poor Julio, for his part, sounded like someone who may never recover.

    • Julio was done the moment he ate his way out of middleweight. It was a fun fight to watch & enjoyable seeing him get his belated comeuppance, finally fighting someone his own size. He relied so heavily on his size/strength advantages that he can’t compete with the best at 168 and above.

      Bob Arum will be smiling & Chavez’s brand has now taken a huge hit. I wonder does he regret taking a much smaller purse for Fonfara than the $7m+ he was offered for Golovkin on HBO PPV.

      Surprisingly bad matchmaking from Haymon. You would’ve thought he’d protect Chavez until he could cash him out against Adonis Stevenson or somebody with that level of cache. Glad he didn’t though and also pleased that the likes of Chavez-Stevenson/Froch are now gone out the window.

      Those are heavily-hyped mismatches I can definitely live without.

      • Ha ha, yes, the bully got his this time.

        Interesting take on Haymon. Maybe he believed the hype. Could he be glad to be done with the Chavez circus, I wonder.

        You’re right that hungry Julio would have kept himself in chimmy chongas much longer with a Golovkin-sized beatdown. The fans throwing things at him on Saturday don’t look like they’re keen to spot him dinner, though.

        How about a Fonfara-Stevenson rematch? The champ is losing a step, but he still hits hard. Perhaps taking the wrong message away from destroying the out-gunned Chavez, Fonfara might think he’s superman now.

      • Lots of tickets were comped for the Fonfara fight, so Julio’s brand was already on the decline. Especially after this beatdown/corner retirement and the fan reaction, it’s probably fair to say that he’s no longer among boxing’s biggest draws.

        Stevenson-Fonfara II would be solid & a possibility. Fonfara has already demonstrated that he has the tools to expose some of Stevenson’s major flaws.

        Didn’t see the Imam fight, but I’ve seen him before. He looks a good prospect, and quite fan-friendly.

  2. Did you catch this on the undercard? Paulie and the Showtime crew were impressed with Amir Imam. I was, too.

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