3 thoughts on “Video – “The Fight Game” with Jim Lampley: Season 4, Episode 2

  1. Thanks for posting this, Jeremy. Very enjoyable.

    Hagler-Hearns without commentary was a treat. There’s nothing new to say about the fight, but Kevin Mitchell in the Guardian last week produced a good image: “a breathing buzz-saw.”

    Lampley and Kellerman remain the gold standard on US television. Haymon’s hirelings come nowhere close and, much as I like Malignaggi, the rest of the Showtime crew puts me to sleep.

    Tantalizing to think about GGG in with Alvarez and/or Ward… I’d give Alvarez less hope but I suspect Ward could grapple his way to surviving or even possibly a split decision.

    • You’re welcome as always.

      Until I see Ward showing any signs of slippage (will be interesting to watch his June return, albeit against terrible opposition), I think he beats GGG.

      Enjoyable episode of TFG as always. Michelle Beadle is stealing a living, and a ticket for May 2nd.

  2. Interestingly, in the Michelle Beadle segment, it was revealed the betting money is running three-to-one on Manny.

    I’m inclined to make some money on Mayweather, and would but for a completely paranoid suspicion that he’d like a double or triple payday and therefore won’t win this time out. 😉

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