4 thoughts on “Full Fight Video – Wladimir Klitschko vs. Bryant Jennings

  1. Dr. Clinchenstein should be penalized earlier and more often — it’s nice seeing him forced to fight.

    Jennings did rather better than anticipated, harrying and landing more often than Wlad is accustomed. I like the champ under pressure, rising to the occasion in gutsy fashion, but he’s looking more mortal.

    • I agree that, while still dominant, Wlad has looked more mortal over his past 2 fights, which isn’t a surprise at age 39. I hope Fury, one of his mandatories, is up next. Jennings comes out with credit and a new reputation as a tough contender.

  2. I really should add Wlad impressed me once again. That he’s fighting in this daring manner at his age is HoF credit on top of his long ownership of the division.

    Like yourself, I hope it’s Fury or even Wilder soon. Of the two I am inclined to think Fury’s skill set won’t be as troubling as Wilder’s speed and power. Hope to find out. If I were Wlad, though, I might want to take my millions and supermodel wife and ride off into the CIA-licensed Ukrainian sunset.

    Watching more Buñuel these days, the richly sardonic Viridiana most recently. Trying to interest myself in another season of Game of Thrones but it’s feeling workmanlike and uninspired (I did like its earlier resurrection of Jacobean tragedy but don’t give two hoots about dragons or princesses). How about you?

    • Wilder might be PBC champion of Haymon’s new universe soon, so one wonders if we’ll ever see him in with Wlad.

      I have to watch more Bunuel, but I really like the handful I’ve seen. Belle de Jour is my favourite. I’ve never watched GOT, but heard good things. There’s so much on TV these days, I’m not sure I’ll ever get around to it.

      Did I mention Force Majeure to you already? Very funny black comedy, rated by many (Paul Schrader & Bret Easton Ellis included) as one of the best films of 2014

      Also, caught Michael Powell’s terrific Peeping Tom recently

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