Named & Shamed: Judging the Judges (April 2015)

April 4th – Adonis Stevenson won practically every round of his mismatch defence against the smaller Sakio Bika.

Glen Rick Crocker (115-111), Don Griffin (116-110) & Jack Woodburn (115-110) somehow found ways to see multiple rounds in Bika’s favour.


April 11th – Robbery of the year so far, in my view.

I thought Lamont Peterson outboxed Danny Garcia early and outfought him late in their catchweight contest, and saw him a 116-112 victor.

I can see where the 114-114 card came from, but Kevin Morgan and Steve Weisfeld’s 115-113 cards in favour of Garcia reek of bullshit.


April 18th – Ismail Muwendo eased past Rolando Chinea in an 8 rounder, but Javier Alvarez scored it a draw. Headscratching.


On the same night, one wonders what the Lucas Matthysse-Ruslan Provodnikov judges were watching. Matthysse largely dominated the fight with his superior versatility & boxing skill, dropping 3 rounds at most.

Regardless, Don Ackerman saw the fight a draw, and Glenn Feldman (one of the judges for Mayweather-Pacquiao tomorrow) & John McKaie turned in too-close 115-113 tallies for the Argentine.


April 25th – Alan Rubenstein has gotten some flack for his 100-90 score in the Sadam Ali-Francisco Santana fight, but I thought it was a completely accurate reflection of the action.

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