10 thoughts on “NY Times profiles Magomed Abduslamov, gravely injured in the ring in 2013: “Meet Mago, Former Heavyweight”

  1. Moving piece. Not a fight I’ll soon forget, sadly.

    As a footnote, Perez returns next week against Povetkin and, unless he has regained a step since his dismal 2014 performances, hasn’t much hope.

      • Very interesting regarding Wilder. I’d favor Povetkin to withstand the American’s bombs and win on a higher order of skill and experience. You?

        Caught the GGG show. I felt a little bad for Monroe, who was game and skillful, yes, but was a kind of victim of boxing economics. A developing fighter, he didn’t belong in that ring against one of the most fiercesome punchers in the sport — Canelo or Cotto should have been there instead. But how else was he going to get anywhere?

      • Tough fight to call. I’d be interested to see if Wilder would drop WBC belt to avoid such a challenge. Povetkin’s Russian promoter is loaded with $$, so they’d have a good chance of outbidding Haymon at a purse bid also. I’d still marginally favour the American though, due to his greater size and raw power.

        Did you see Roman Gonzalez?

        GGG was having fun in there, and Monroe gets the credit for going in there with the monster & giving it a good go. He can come again, but it’s a bruising way to make a name for yourself.

  2. I think Wilder will be a handful, but Povetkin can move inside quickly. The champ will have to pump the jab endlessly, at Wlad-level, to keep the slick toughman off him. Can he? Hope to find out.

    Caught Buglioni-Markham at last. What a battle. I honestly couldn’t pick a winner between Markham’s solid blows and Buglioni’s greater but lighter-thrown output.

    Roman Gonzales was superb and left no questions, ha ha. Artistry of a very high order, isn’t it? He ought to be on TV every time. Perhaps you can recommend a fight or two from his body of work now that I’ve found my way to your Twitter pal’s archive.

    Btw, you might like this short reverie on a visit to a Cuban gym named for the legendary Kid Chocolate:


    • It’s one of the best fights that can be made at HW. I hope it happens if Povetkin gets past Perez.

      Tremendous fight that’s sure to produce a rematch, likely immediately. I thought Markham’s harder shots were enough. Buglioni’s defence was worse than ever, but damn, he’s entertaining.

      I recommend his bouts with Yaegashi and, especially, Estrada. I quipped that it was the best HBO debut since True Detective

      Cool, will read that

  3. Cheers, I’ll check out those fights.

    Btw, I should have started my tour of your admired Rossellini not with Stromboli but the just-watched Germany Year Zero. Sublime, and I will not be getting over it any time soon.

    The Criterion supporting materials, which are superb as always, put me in mind to see something by the Taviani brothers too. First, Paisan and Rome, Open City.

    • I’m no Rossellini expert, which is evidenced by the fact that I’ve never seen Germany, Year Zero. Rome, Open City, especially Voyage to Italy, and everything else I’ve seen of his work is tremendous though. You’ll have watched more of him than me shortly!

      Just back from attending 3 different screenings of my short at a festival today, and you may be interested to hear that I’m shooting my follow-up starting Monday.

      Also, I read that Kid Chocolate piece you sent me. Very nice excerpt.

      Butler’s book on Rigondeaux is terrific, so I’ll be tempted to read Domino Diaries in the future.

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