4 thoughts on “Video – ALL ACCESS: DEONTAY WILDER

      • Now that we’ve seen the oafish Molina rock Deontay, the amateurs blowout you posted some time ago looks as relevant and ominous as ever.

        I don’t doubt his power can trouble anyone, but I expect better fighters can neutralize it while hurting him plenty. Too mollycoddled for too long to improve much at this point, in contrast to Joshua who has much room to grow.

        The creation of Deontay Wilder as an icon, served up cynically and expensively while he beats up club fighters, says a lot about the game these days, no?

      • He looked terrible & your prediction that Povetkin beats him is looking better and better.

        That’s boxing: in a ‘sport’ devoid of almost any objectivity, perception and hype are more important than reality. It’s up to Haymon and his underlings to convince America that they have a new heir to Ali/Tyson, even if that’s painfully far from the truth.

        The sad thing about Wilder’s struggles in this fight are that it makes a Povetkin fight and any other legitimate challenges harder to see in the immediate future for the Alabama man. Stiverne win aside, he has a lot of work to do if he’s to stay unbeaten and near the top of the division. Aside from a huge punch & good (but not special) boxing ability, is the upside really there though?

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