1. Nice witty, perceptive analysis by your Trasnational pal Starks.

    The only point on which I strongly disagree is Porter. I would rate the desirability of a Porter matchup at one star. Too underpowered, easily deckable. All credit to him for dominating Broner, but let’s face it, Broner can’t stand to bang above 140 nor can he mentally rise to the occasion when swarmed. I don’t think Porter could beat Thurman.

    My leading candidates would be Khan, Brook and Thurman. I’d slightly prefer to see Thurman or Brook who haven’t been bested yet — Thurman in particular showed nice whiskers against the Argentine Chaves — but I’d also rather see them fight each other.

    Your thoughts?

    • Happy to see Porter heap further humiliation on Broner at the weekend. It’s evident now if it wasn’t before that Broner will never be the p4p/ppv star he was being touted as 18 months ago, and for that we can all be thankful.

      I have little interest in FM-Porter. I’d be happy with any of the 3 choices you mentioned, but in an ideal world they’d have already fought each other to determine a true #1 contender. Khan still seems most likely & I still think he can trouble the ageing Mayweather. I think Mayweather-Thurman would resemble Mayweather-Canelo. Boxer-punchers don’t fare well against Floyd, who you simply can’t attempt to outbox in a technical fashion.

      Did you see Ward-Smith or Lemieux-N’Dam?

  2. Yes, loved the Montreal bash. Very exciting, hell-for-leather fighting, and quite skillful on N’Dam’s part in his role as the unenviable matador.

    Lemieux looks like a force of nature, though raw, and maybe apt to be controlled by someone with competitive bang and more skill. He is a powerhouse in this incarnation. I did not follow him in the past, so can’t judge progress. But very thrilling in there.

    A French Canadian fan tells me N’Dam told the press he felt nearly half his energy leave him after the first knockdown. Had he any more left, I would have liked to see him pounce on Lemieux’s wildness — those charges that ended with the Canadian falling into the ropes as N’Dam ducked out, and danced away to gather his senses. Somebody else will punish Lemieux in those instances.

    Interested to see Bradley’s return this weekend to see what’s left in his tank. I wonder if you caught Michelle Beadle’s Fight Game interview. IMO, Bradley’s wife is a wise woman, and he’d better listen to her. My instinct is to say he should hang them up soon; cruel forces are gathering at welterweight, and he’s already seen some life-changing battles. Likable guy I don’t want to see hurt.

    Speaking of youth and age, what are your thoughts on the upcoming Lee-Saunders bout? Is Saunders too young and hungry for the older man?

    • I agree, terrific fight. N’Dam’s incredible bravery will be something I’ll touch on in a forthcoming ‘random rants’. Lemieux has improved hugely and his was a revelatory performance.

      I didnt catch that because I’m finding it hard to find TFG links these days, unfortunately. You’ve expressed concern about Bradley before, but I guess we’ll learn some more tonight. If he’s still in his prime, he should win comfortably.

      Lee-Saunders is brilliant & I couldn’t be happier that it’s happening in a rugby stadium in Limerick, Ireland, not too far from where I live. I’ll be there live and can’t wait.

      The fight could go a number of ways but I suspect Saunders will build up an early points lead before being stopped down the stretch. I don’t think he can avoid Lee’s right hook power for 12 rounds.

  3. Just caught it: what a heartbreak for both fighters.

    Ancient Mariner Pat Russell hearing phantom bells will leave Vargas wondering about what might have been, while Bradley is left to dwell on a slightly soiled victory. Russell was stoic about cocking up the finale, which left a bad taste; I’m no ageist, but surely it’s time for him to pursue less hearing-sensitive pastimes, no?

    Bradley looked good, admittedly, out-classing the young contender. Vargas needed a longshot KO, and the fact he nearly got one, with Bradley out on his feet from one shot, might confirm my hunch. “I survived Provodnikov,” the winner admonished Kellerman. But isn’t that the problem.

    How brilliant for you to be going to Lee-Saunders! I plan to see a few of their respective past fights in the lead up.

    • Another week, another ref messing up a significant fight. I completely agree that Russell’s age contributed to the error. He just isn’t sharp enough and a mistake like that means you should retire. Plenty of fodder for my latest ‘Judging the Judges’ segment at least. Lol @ “ancient mariner”.

      Your hunch is looking good. Bradley performed well for 10 rounds, but the late fade signals he’s likely past his absolute prime.

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