June 29th’s Random Boxing Rants

Hassan N’Dam put Paul Smith & Adrien Broner to shame with his incredible display of bravery against David Lemieux.

While Smith and Broner took their big paydays & put in gunshy non-efforts, N’Dam (who sadly had to settle for a paltry $50k purse) got up from 4 heavy knockdowns, and, more than that, never stopped firing and trying to win.

He is a real warrior, as evidenced also by rising from 6 knockdowns in his prior loss to Peter Quillin.

As for Lemieux, while he’s still quite raw, his performance was revelatory & was the sort of powerhouse display at world level that those who saw him as one of boxing’s top prospects a few years ago hoped to see one day, and that seemed improbable after his back-to-back 2011 defeats.

He’ll be a priority for Oscie & co.at the new downsized Golden Boy, and expect at least a couple of moneymaking hometown defences before they even think about putting him in with someone like Golovkin


Broner it seems is more Zab Judah than Floyd Mayweather: a good fighter who will lose more often than not when in against B-level competition and up.

There’s no shame in that, but his trash talking is increasingly embarrassing & it’s frankly a relief that we won’t have to tolerate his antics at the very elite level for the next decade, as was the fear when he was streaking his way through the lower weights & getting premature ‘pound for pound’ plaudits.

Thank you, Marcos Maidana, for taking it all away from him


Kell Brook vs. Brandon Rios is a good fight if it gets made


Bravo to Lee Haskins for earning the title shot he’s always craved, with an impressive KO of the favoured Iwasa


Andy Lee vs. Billy Joe Saunders has been set, against my expectations, for Thomond Park rugby stadium, Limerick in September. What an outdoor event it will be.

I’ll be there live & it’s the biggest fight in Ireland since at least Bernard Dunne’s nationally-televised heyday and loss to Poonsawat.

As for the fight itself, it has the potential to be a war, and could go any number of different ways. I see Saunders building up an early points lead before being stopped down the stretch

2 thoughts on “June 29th’s Random Boxing Rants

  1. $50K!

    Those are practically Dickensian wages for that level of beating and shining fortitude. And to think of Broner making off with piles for his comparative cowardice; it really gets my inner Karl Marx going.

    Are you following De La Hoya’s and Arum’s lawsuits against Haymon? I think they each have a viable case under their respective different claims. But what a joyless uphill battle, especially in the 21st century. Our system loves to talk a good game about competition, but it smiles on all manner of oligopoly and is eager to cast anticompetitive claims in a harmless light (not atypical is a verdict along the lines of: Giant Dominant Company X That Has Destroyed All Competitors While Laughing At Their Tears And Then Salted Their Fields can’t be blamed for its brilliance, hard work, superior product, etc).

    • 50k is a criminally low payday for N’Dam, especially considering he’ll take home just a fraction of that after expenses and taxes. He deserves better. I’ve had a soft spot for N’Dam ever since I saw the Quillin fight, and my appreciation grew last year when I saw him fight live in the main event of a small hall card in Dublin. He fights in a beautiful, fluid style, and has a heart that a coddled millionaire like Broner could only dream about.

      Of course, and they certainly have a viable claim. Did I mention to you the recent lengthy twitter ‘direct message’ conversation I had with promoter/Haymon-whore Lou DiBella on this very subject?!

      My guess is Haymon will do everything he can to avoid his dirty laundry aired in court, a settlement will eventually be reached to satisfy all parties, and the law-flouting PBC juggernaut will roll on.

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