9 thoughts on “Video – “The Fight Game” with Jim Lampley: Season 4, Episode 4 (Episode 17 overall)

  1. How do you think Bernard’s doing? Looks a mite uncomfortable. I think his forte is the monologue, while the format’s squeezing him into quick-fire soundbites at which Kellerman and Lamps are much better. They ought to give him a segment of his own and let him riff freestyle.

  2. Thoughts on Thurman?

    To paraphrase Mark Twain, I think reports of his exposure are greatly exaggerated. He showed vulnerability, yet recovered almost as impressively as he looked bad in getting caught. He isn’t the world-beater he wants us to think he is, but neither is Collazo a pushover (and he did indeed retire on a $500K purse, from a cut that wasn’t, say, nearly Vitali-vs-Lewis bad). Teddy intimated Thurman was fighting almost one-handed, and true enough the jab wasn’t there. After watching the fight twice, I found my judgment softened, though, by some of the work done on Collazo at the start and just before the retirement. I think the New York gatekeeper was smart to retire, but probably relieved to have an excuse.

    Thurman needs to fight his peers and very soon, so we can really see what he’s made of. Forget TBE, he belongs in with Porter or Spence, where the outcome’s uncertain.

    • I agree with your take. Talk of him being “exposed” is a BS capricious reaction to one so-so performance.

      Thurman is not the future conqueror of Mayweather (who would easily outbox him) or the massive puncher some view him as, but that shouldn’t take away from the fact that he’s a tremendous fighter. I’d like to see him hold his feet more instead of constantly bouncing around on the outside, but that will come with experience. Same goes for the jab to set up combos better.

      It reminds me of something said by Lampley or Max in one of these TFG episodes with regards to Cotto: just because you can box, doesn’t mean you should.

      Thurman-Porter is a natural fight, but Haymon doesn’t have a good track record of putting together the fights that make sense to the fans, hence why we’re instead getting facile showcases like Thurman-Collazo, Stevenson-Bika & Garcia-Malignaggi, in which the A-side is basically in a no-win position. Win easily and they get no credit. Have trouble like Thurman did, and your stock falls.

      • Hilarious, isn’t it? Floyd phoning in the remainder of his contract and Showtime/CBS realizing their best bet to monetize it is to sell a few beer and potato chip commercials.

        if it happens, Berto will hardly be able to believe his luck. He sounds a bit punchdrunk these days; maybe Floyd wants no risk + possibility of stoppage.

      • Berto looked shot against Josesito Lopez, losing every round before scoring a sudden stoppage. There is literally no risk in this one.

        Carl Froch unsurprisingly retires & just bought my Lee-Saunders ticket…although I’ll be endeavouring to get a press pass also.

    • Yes, I got a press pass for the Khan-Diaz card in Sheffield a couple of years ago but was unable to go because I was informed just two days before the fight.

      Haha, those are the sort of public statements that could earn a reprimand from Junior behind closed doors.

      It’s revealing though: having finally sated the fans’ desire for a Pacquiao fight, #s 49 and 50 are going to be selected as guaranteed wins…which could of course include a facile Pacquiao rematch next May!

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