4 thoughts on “Full Fight Video – Erkan Teper vs. David Price

  1. Looks like he trains at the pub, but he packs a wallop. Where do you think he can go from here? Teper v. Joshua?

    • Sad to see Price, once the most promising prospect in the division, reduced to this. Teper can punch, but I’ve seen a handful of his fights & never been impressed. It’s a weak division but he wont go far.

      Teper-AJ would make sense for sometime next year. Hopefully we never see AJ vs. Price now. For better or worse, Chisora returns to the ring on Friday, thankfully against a journeyman to start with.

      • I haven’t followed Price, but yours is not the only comment I’ve seen from UK fans who are saddened by his downfall.

        While watching IFL boxing videos, I caught a hilarious bit with Johnny Nelson trying to take some timed sweets-eating challenge. Seen that? Absolute bonkers, and Nelson is a born entertainer.

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