3 thoughts on “Full Fight Video – Jean Pascal vs. Yuniesky Gonzalez (Fight of the Year Candidate)

  1. Caught it the same night and was as impressed as you. Murderous assault by Gonzalez and some highly skilled if personally costly ripostes by Pascal. I gave it to Gonzalesz by two, with the caveat that it was a pretty low-res video I watched. You?

    Left me wondering if Pascal hasn’t had enough. Wouldn’t mind seeing Gonzalez in with the Krusher, whom HBO was painting the other night as a sadist. (That poor Frenchman; I’ve seen a couple of his fights and he is a higher order of journeyman belonging nowhere near a ring containing Kovalev.)

    • Gonzalez makes a good fight with anyone at 175. New blood is always welcome.

      The consensus fell around your scorecard, with most people having Gonzalez the winner by 2 or 4 points. However, I felt Pascal won by two in a fiercely contested battle with many close rounds. The most sensible thing would be a rematch (while Kovalev takes care of a Russian homecoming) & the winner to meet Kovalev in the spring, but one wonder if even a warrior like Pascal would want to go through that again.

      • Agreed, rematch immediately, please. Close fight indeed and you could certainly be right about Pascal deserving the win.

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