August 14th’s Random Boxing Rants

Are unnecessary asthma inhalers being used as a PED by Olympic boxing teams?

Victor Conte says ‘yes’:


Thomas Hauser, when asked what 3 words come to mind when he thinks of Wladimir Klitschko: “Intelligent, powerful, PEDs”


Andy Lee vs. Billy Joe Saunders moved from Limerick’s Thomond Park rugby stadium (32k capacity) to an indoor arena in Manchester.

Official reason given: a virus affecting Lee. More credible reason heavily rumoured: poor ticket sales.

Very disappointing that Ireland couldn’t pull off a stadium fight, at least without the support of Sky and/or RTE, the national Irish broadcaster


I don’t know which is a bigger waste of time & money for American boxing fans: $65 for Mayweather-Berto (initially teased as a freebie on CBS) or $50 for the 40+ edition of Mosley-Mayorga II?

Fans would be well advised to keep the money in their wallet for the excellent Golovkin-Lemieux PPV card or long-awaited Cotto-Canelo showdown


As for Mayweather-Berto, what better way to follow up victory in the fight of the century for Mayweather than to fight a badly faded fighter who’s 3-3 in his last 6 fights?

It’s an incredibly insulting mismatch, made even worse when you consider that Berto’s best win is a disputed decision over Luis Collazo a whopping 6 1/2 years ago. Berto is in nobody’s welterweight top ten & lost each round in my view against a faded Josesito Lopez before scoring a sudden ko in his last outing, a performance laughable graded an “A” by the brazen Mayweather.

Ladies and gentlemen, the last man to beat Berto:




Salt water cured Manny Pacquiao’s ‘torn rotator cuff’:

Could’ve used a swim in the sea pre-Mayweather…P.S. the comments section to this brief Tim Starks article is amusing


Showtime exec, aka Al Haymon’s neutered pet poodle, Stephen Espinoza actually thinks Ramadan lasts 8 weeks:–94407

My reaction:




Danny Garcia-Paulie Malignaggi (coming out of semi-retirement)

Keith Thurman-Luis Collazo

Adonis Stevenson-Sakio Bika/Tommy Karpency

Floyd Mayweather-Andre Berto on PPV

Omar Figueroa-Antonio DeMarcoa (coming out of retirement)

Peter Quillin-Michael Zerafa (a part-time stripper)

Beibut Shumenov-BJ Flores

Lucian Bute-Andrea Di Luisa

Deontay Wilder-Eric Molina/Johann Duhaupas

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.-Miguel Reyes

Anthony Dirrell-Marco Antonio Rubio 


Just a selection, but who do these fights have in common?

A stable of approximately 200 boxers and this is the best you can do?!


Japan Times interviews Victor Conte on athletics’ PED scandal; Conte claims asthma enhalers used as PED by majority of 2004 Olympic US Boxing Team

“When the boxer asked the coaches why he should use the inhaler if he didn’t have any problems breathing, they told him that it would help him to perform better. . . . Yes, Olympic boxing coaches were trying to give these asthma inhalers to the U.S. boxers in an attempt to enhance their performances.”

Also, Conte discusses his belief that synthetic testosterone use, a la Lamont Peterson, is widespread in boxing.

Ed Odeven reports.

Named & Shamed: Judging the Judges (July 2015)

July 4th – Dave Parris scored home fighter Jamie Conlan a 96-92 winner over Junior Granados in an even fight that took place in Dublin’s National Stadium.


July 18th – Referee Katsuhiko Nakamura stopped Khunkhiri Wor Wisaruth prematurely in his defeat to prospect Rex Tso in Macau.


Steve Gray and Terry O’Connor’s even scores cost Tyrone Nurse the British title at 140 lbs., as he was forced to settle for a draw in a fight he appeared to clearly win against Chris Jenkins.


In Martin Murray’s tuneup against journeyman Mirzet Bajrektarevic, referee John Latham missed a knockdown in round 1 & prematurely stopped the bout in round 5.


Erki Meronen’s 116-111 card in favour of Anthony Crolla was way off in his lightweight title challenge of Darleys Perez.

The bout was ultimately ruled a draw (thanks to the other cards of 113-113), and the consensus was that Crolla had been hard done by. On the contrary, I felt the other two cards corresponded well to what was an even fight to my eye.

Regardless, an immediate rematch has been ordered by the sanctioning body.


July 24th – Ian John-Lewis, boxing’s most incompetent official, makes his monthly appearance in this segment for his display during the Gary Corcoran-Rick Godding fight.

He shouted ‘no holding’ rather than a decisive call of ‘break’ during round 2, allowing Corcoran a free shot at Godding when his back was partially turned as the fighters were tangled. He then admonished Corcoran for what was actually his own error.

In round 7, Corcoran was attacking Godding along the ropes, when Godding dipped his head low and Corcoran leaned on it. At this point, John-Lewis moved between the fighters to break them, again without shouting ‘break’, grabbing the arm of Corcoran, who ignored this and kept punching. John-Lewis decided this was okay with him and simply backed off to let the action continue as if nothing had happened.

John-Lewis once again demonstrating a total lack of assertiveness. Neither of these errors was serious or particularly noteworthy if taken on their own, but further display the danger John-Lewis consistently puts boxers in.

Since this article is being published on August 11th, I can reveal that he has already ensured his place on the next edition of ‘Named & Shamed’ for his Jones-Rose II card on the first of the month.


July 25th – Russell Mora almost contrived to get a brave Hakim Zoulikha hurt in his fight against Sullivan Barrera by not stopping it after the second knockdown in the 8th round.


The consensus was that the judges (Richard Ocasio, Eric Cheek & John McKaie) matching cards of 96-94 for Jean Pascal against Yunieski Gonzalez were harsh on the underdog.

I feel they were spot on as Pascal consistently landed the cleaner punches over the volume of Gonzalez, and end this month’s segment by crediting them for a job well done.

Pound4poundireland Scorecards from July 2015

Jamie Conlan 94-94 Junior Granados, officially Conlan by UD

Cesar Rene Cuenca 116-109 Ik Yang, officially UD, Cuenca wins vacant Jr. Welterweight title

Tyrone Nurse 116-112 Chris Jenkins, officially a DRAW

Sam Eggington 80-71 Glenn Foot (technical decision), officially a TUD, Eggington wins vacant British Welterweight title & retains Commonwealth title

Carl Frampton 116-108 Alejandro Gonzalez Jr., officially UD, Frampton retains Jr. Featherweight title

Darleys Perez 114-112 Anthony Crolla, officially a DRAW, Perez retains Lightweight title

Gary Corcoran 97-93 Rick Godding, officially UD

Jean Pascal 96-94 Yuniesky Gonzalez, officially UD