Video – Mairis Briedis KOs Manuel Charr (Knockout of the Year Candidate)

Knocked out by a cruiserweight…and Charr is the best win on the resume of Duhaupas, the unknown Frenchman that was somehow selected from obscurity to be the next challenger for Deontay Wilder’s title

7 thoughts on “Video – Mairis Briedis KOs Manuel Charr (Knockout of the Year Candidate)

  1. Brutal KO.

    Shameful pick for Wilder in Duhaupas, but par for the course. Haymon and, judging from what the Ring reported this week, business interests in Wilder’s home state view the champ as a glorified investment vehicle in trunks. The Ring article about the press conference had the Birmingham, AL mayor crowing ecstatically about busy hotel reservations.

    It’s worth noting that in the precarious US “recovery” there are large swaths of the economy that are absolutely still broken; one could even say terminally so, given the long odds against their returning to previous hypertrophic levels driven by speculation. Anything that produces revenue is therefore pursued, promoted, puffed up. Dovetailing with this reality is the strange place boxing now occupies. Wilder’s local fans are relative boxing naifs unlikely to be bothered by his caliber of opposition.

    In his career you can feel a certain postmodernism in another way too. The old definitions of the credible are breaking down, dissolving in an acid bath of mediated spectacle. The Frenchman hasn’t been knocked out yet, and for that reason Deontay let it be known that this fight will be “historical.”

    • A turd is still a turd, no matter how they try to polish it with hyperbolic hometown pressers featuring anonymous opponents appearing via Skype.

      I’ve heard by the way that there are a couple of significant football matches (sadly a major college football game is more significant than a heavyweight title defence by an American boxer in today’s day and age) in Alabama that weekend, so maybe the fight won’t sell as well as the local mayor expects.

      I feel sad that those tuning into NBC whose last memory of heavyweight boxing on free tv was Larry Holmes now instead see Wilder against some fat French geezer and inevitably think boxing is dead.

      I’d love to ask Haymon how he thinks Wilder-Duhaupas is expected to grow the sport.

      • I completely agree. Nicely put and sad indeed.

        The irony about football edging out Deontay’s pseudo event is also well-taken. Btw, I’ve recently come across a comic book that locates the American southern tradition of football in a kind of gothic noir landscape of retribution and communal torment. “Southern Bastards,” very well done. The Birmingham mayor would likely confiscate copies if he found out. Assuming, naturally, somebody read the words to him.

        My guess is that for Haymon’s investors, growing the sport is as short-term (and shortsighted) an ambition as their hedge funds. Just as the hedgies are dissociated from the traditional role of investment in capitalism — predatorial piles of cash that exist as almost autonomous reactive organisms — what was Matt Taibbi’s great line about Goldman Sachs as a vampire squid? — this kind of ersatz “championship” boxing is outside tradition. You don’t have to beat the man to become the man. You just need to keep beating…somebody.

        They’ll cash out as necessary. Their own investment tradition declares they’ll burn boxing to the ground if there is money in doing so.

  2. Oh, meant to point out, but can’t remember which post is the Unofficial Foreign Movie Thread, haha: caught another of Alex Van Warmerdam’s films. The Last Days of Emma Blank. It put me in mind of one of my very favorite films of all time, Pinter and Losey’s The Servant. He has acid in his veins, Alex does. šŸ™‚

    • Haha, all threads are foreign movie threads to me! Never heard of Van Warmerdam (and only seen one Losey, the fantastic “The Go-Between”). Time to google.

      God help anybody who pays $50 for this –

      Lol @ Shane blatantly lying in court by claiming he expects 1.2m buys.

      PBC is a scary prospect, the fate of a large part of the sport resting in the hands of Wall St. Batemans. If it blows up, it could be decades before boxing recovers from the fallout.

      On a similar subject, I have a very interesting email to send you…check your inbox shortly. It will not disappoint…

  3. “Wall St. Batemans.” Perfect!

    Yes, that Shane claim is farcical. Loved this, too: “Mayorga would have the court believe that on July 10, 2014, he flew from Nicaragua to Florida and immediately traveled to DKP’s office for the sole purpose of having his new wife take a picture with Mr. King.”

    Losey was a genius. Check out The Servant, his best, and also one more collaboration with Pinter, Accident, both from the period after he was driven abroad by HUAC. The Go-Between is one I haven’t seen yet! Glad to be reminded.

    I’m really warming to Van Warmerdam. Borgman was the first I caught, and I’d rate Last Days in its sinister, stylized company. Slightly less satisfying is his earlier Grimm. If David Lynch’s art suggests a good guy is just one encounter with monsters away from becoming one himself, Van Warmerdam goes this one better: it’s the monsters who have to watch out for their morals haha.

    Off to read email. šŸ˜‰

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