8 thoughts on “Full Fight Video – Leo Santa Cruz vs. Abner Mares

  1. Operation Haymon got there before I could watch. A corker, I hear.

    Too bad about Saunders-Lee. Btw, what do you make of the relative silence from the Eubank Jr. camp? From a period of intense activity to none at all… Angling for paydays, trying to build skills, loss of heart, or a bit of everything?

    Saw Bresson’s Au Hasard Balthazar. Some fine passages, and a kind of fatalism that’s very well conceived, only at the pace of a waltz; I like the tango in Pickpocket better. For that gem, Criterion has an interesting 15-min. extra with Paul Schrader. Early on there’s a bit on some people and films we’ve recently discussed. Dissecting and praising Bresson’s style, Schrader traces his inspiration for Taxi Driver to his love of Pickpocket, which seems to have been suggested to Bresson by — wait for it — a Samuel Fuller noir:

    “…two more disparate approaches could not be imagined. Fuller just reaches through the screen, grabs you by the throat and tries to throw you around the room and manipulate you in any way he possibly can. He’s that sort of cigar-chomping, bullyboy, sensationalist director. Breton, taking the same kind of subject matter, takes the opposite approach, which is to say, ‘I’m going to recede from you ever so slowly until, finally, you start coming toward me.'”

    • Whenever I hear Schrader talking about Bresson, I’m absorbed. Must pick up a copy of ‘Transcendental Style’ one of these days. I haven’t seen Balthazar or, shamefully, Pickpocket yet, but have seen most of his other work, and, of course, love it. I find myself thinking of Bresson (or Reygadas’ adaptation of his style) when I’ve directed actors myself, and Bresson’s handbook on cinema is another I must read.

      Don’t know what to make of the Eubank silence. Sr. has said on twitter that news is forthcoming. His deal with Warren is over, and my best guess would be either Haymon or Hearn is the next step. A Saunders rematch remains big money down the line.

      • Schrader is wonderful. I watched his talk a second time with my wife.

        A very good month for cinema for me! In addition to the Bresson, there’ve been Satyajit Ray’s The Holy Man and Tarkovsky’s Solaris. The Ray, at an hour, was a Moliere-like satire meant to test the waters before diving into a longer work; and how good they proved — I’ll start the Apu trilogy soonish.

        Solaris I loved unreservedly as I have very few films ever.

        Tenebrae Lux and Uzak on hand waiting for the right moment. 🙂

      • Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

        Solaris is my least favourite Tarkovsky (though I still enjoy it), and I prefer the, in my opinion excellent, Soderbergh remake.

        I’ve only seen one Ray, the brilliant Days and Nights in the Forest, and must watch the Apu Trilogy sometime soon.

  2. Wow, I’ll have to see the Soderbergh then. I wasn’t going to, but your praise has me reconsidering.

    I’ve just watched two of the four DVD extras with Tarkovsky’s collaborators. Judging from their accounts of the fierce author-director disagreements, Tarkovsky would have completely deranged the book if he could, moving 3/4 of the action to earth, but a provoked Lem was on verge of withdrawing consent. I wish the Strugatsky brothers had asked for a less impressionistic account of Roadside Picnic, too — a masterpiece lost, in a sense, to the film.

    Intriguingly, the cinematographer reveals they were visited during the shoot by Kurosawa, who sought and was given permission to spend an hour wandering alone on the space station sets where he made notes.

    And that leads, in roundabout fashion, to this little quote about Satyajit Ray:

    Not to have seen the cinema of Ray means existing in the world without seeing the sun or the moon.
    – Akira Kurosawa

    I must get busy with my astronomy!

    • Nice Kurosawa (another auteur that I need to watch more of) quote. I read an anecdote once that Tarkovsky and Kurosawa got drunk together after one day of Solaris’ shooting. Now that’s a pair of drinking buddies I could get along with!

      • Haha, by coincidence I had come across this, bookmarked it, and finally got round to it after reading your comment.

        “Tarkovsky was together with me then. He was at the corner of the studio. When the film was over, he stood up, looking at me as if he felt timid. I said to him, ‘Very good. It makes me feel real fear.’ Tarkovsky smiled shyly, but happily. And we toasted vodka at the restaurant in the Film Institute. Tarkovsky, who didn’t drink usually, drank a lot of vodka, and went so far as to turn off the speaker from which music had floated into the restaurant, and began to sing the theme of samurai from Seven Samurai at the top of his voice.”

        Akira Kurosawa On Watching “Solaris” With Andrei Tarkovsky

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