6 thoughts on “Thomas Hauser article for SBNation: “Can Boxing Trust USADA? Questions Surround Drug Testing for Mayweather-Pacquiao and Other Bouts”

  1. Another good Hauser article on this scandalous “testing.”

    Godfather-style, it’s the test that can’t be refused — or failed!

    • I cant speak to USADA’s role in other sports, and certainly they deserve credit for their part in bringing down Lance, but their track record in boxing drug testing has been abysmal.

      I wish Hauser would give more information, or at least his source, on the failed Mayweather tests he obviously believes to have been covered up.

      • Good point. I wondered about this caginess on that score. Presumably protecting someone’s job.

      • Probably, but I remain dubious of the ethics of printing such allegations without anything to support them.

        Mayweather vs Berto predictably one sided and boring. Did you catch it on Sunday or later?

  2. Agree w/your judgment on the source.

    Yes, I looked in. I saw some kind of shaky-cam beer-soaked highlight reel that seemed to have been edited by the Brothers Quay. Probably a blessing it was mostly illegible, as I could barely make out Floyd jumping around and not fighting, Berto looking mesmerized, everyone asleep at ringside, etc.

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