2 thoughts on “Thomas Hauser for Boxnation.com: “Was Floyd Mayweather Really Dehydrated?: The Fallout from ‘Can Boxing Trust USADA?'”

  1. Serviceable rebuttal.

    The problems are a) we don’t have access to USADA documents; b) we won’t get them barring some litigation or leak; c) everything surrounding Mayweather’s TUE raises suspicion but we are stopped while the company stonewalls.

    Then there is the not small matter that under the millipede-like march of acronyms and the remedial biology, this simply isn’t a narrative fans can readily follow.

    Tiny ray of hope in Nevada’s dissatisfaction with USADA’s unilateral decision to administer Floyd’s exemption.

    • In an ideal world, Nevada (or, to use the precise acronym, NSAC, lol) would be informed of TUE decisions, but, in this case, IV use is, in an arcane oversight, not banned in that state, as they don’t fully comply with the WADA code. With this in mind, I can understand that it seems needless for USADA to inform them of this specific procedure.

      Equally, Hauser’s argument that if Mayweather was as dehydrated as he would have needed to have been to justify such an infusion, then it would make sense for Nevada to be told of this for safety reasons, is reasonable. However, the pre-fight medical doesn’t point to any significant dehydration. The unanswered question of why and on whose ultimate authority the IV was authorized remain & are troubling.

      We’ll likely never know the truth in this big mess, but credit to Hauser for asking the questions that nobody else has, although I could do without patronizing statements like “then let’s have an intelligent dialogue” and out-of-place, pretentious Churchill quotes.

      Although, to be fair, I did write an Andy Lee piece last year called “A Sisyphean Task” haha, but trust me when I say that my indulgence was very much tongue in cheek!

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