Named & Shamed: Judging the Judges (October 2015)

October 2nd – Let’s open on a positive note with some praise for the Victor Emilio Ramirez-Ovill McKenzie judges (Alejandro Lopez Cid, John Poturaj & Larry Layton), who didn’t show bias towards the Argentine home fighter and correctly ended up judging the bout a draw.


October 3rd – The Humberto Soto-Antonio Orozco judges (Max DeLuca 92-97, Pat Russell 92-97, Fernando Villareal 91-98) never gave the elder statesman, Soto, any chance in his closely contested bout with the prospect.


Jose Pedraza and Edner Cherry fought on relatively even terms, and Pedraza came away the disputed split decision winner. The two wide cards in favour of Pedraza (George Hill 117-111, Scott Maddox 117-111) were widely criticized.


October 6th – Ellis Johnson’s 99-90 card in favour of Argenis Mendez against Miguel Vazquez chimed with nobody’s view of the contest.

Mendez was a disputed unanimous decision winner.


October 10th – Ref Steve Gray missed a 9th round knockdown scored by Craig Evans over Tom Stalker, ultimately affecting the result of what ended up a draw.

Dave Parris’ 96-94 card in favour of Evans was way off.


October 13th – The consensus was that Amir Mansour had done more than enough to snatch the unbeaten record of heavyweight prospect Gerald Washington, but he was held to a draw due to the cards of Pat Russell (95-95)  & Adalaide Byrd (93-97).


October 14th – Judges Chris Flores (118-110) & Robert Hoyle (119-109) failed to turn in cards that reflected the closeness of the Lee Selby-Fernando Montiel fight.


Ref Wes Melton allowed Aron Martinez to blatantly use his head all night, en route to his upset of Devon Alexander.


October 16th – Ref Celestino Ruiz did a bad job keeping control of the foul-filled (but, thankfully, entertaining) Kohei Kono-Koki Kameda contest, and, in round two, mistakenly ruled a knockdown against Kameda.

Kono got a deserved decision, but Glenn Feldman’s 116-108 card was a joke.


October 17th – Ref Steve Willis should surely have docked Golovkin a point, as well as given the fallen Lemieux his 5 minutes to recover, when he hit his opponent while down, in round 5 of their 160lb. unification. He did neither and Golovkin was allowed to take an unfair advantage.


Laughably, in a small show in the Czech Republic, former title challenger Lukas Konecny acted as both promoter & supervisor on behalf of the licensing body, the Czech Union of Professional Boxers, for a card which featured mismatch walkovers for the likes of Robin Krasniqi and Robert Stieglitz.

I bet there are more than a few promoters around the world who would love to be in this kind of position of impunity.


October 24th – Evgeny Gradovich looked poor, but nevertheless had few problems in winning an 8 round decision over Aldimar Silva Santos.

Grover Wiley (yes, the man who retired Julio Cesar Chavez) turned in a terrible 77-75 card in favour of Santos.

Maybe the guy just has a soft spot for his fellow journeymen?


We’ll end by looking at some licensing & sanctioning issues:

James Toney, the former multiple weight titlist, is now a totally shot 47 year old who hasn’t had a significant win in a decade.

His speech is horribly slurred, and in his last fight he lost to a 9-3-1 club fighter by a lopsided margin.

Still, the boxing decision-makers in Ontario, Canada are licensing him to fight again on December 4th.

Shame on them.


Stephen Ormond knocked out journeyman Michael Clark in a round on October 10th in Lowell, Massachusetts.

That was Clark’s 6th consecutive knockout loss, 5 of them coming in the opening round. 3 of those fights took place in Mass., and 2 in Washington.

What is it going to take for the commissions in these places to realize this guy should no longer be fighting?


Kudos to the Nevada State Athletic Commission for refusing to sanction the proposed Andre Ward vs. Rohan Murdock (who?) mismatch of epic proportions that was planned for the Cotto-Canelo card.


Sadly, Jermain Taylor, whose unhinged and dangerous out of the ring behaviour has been detailed extensively elsewhere (e.g.:–96078), plans to box again after his release on bail pending legal charges for a gun related offence.

Any commission that will license this guy in the future will lose the respect of every sensible boxing fan.

Sanctioned fighting is a privilege, not a right, and somebody with the triple whammy of a history of head trauma, increasingly erratic behaviour (CTE, anybody?), and multiple pending legal cases, should never be let anywhere near a boxing ring again.

We will be watching closely.

4 thoughts on “Named & Shamed: Judging the Judges (October 2015)

  1. Nicely done.

    Hate to see any shot fighter fed through the shredder. Particularly James; I remember him when he was James Toney.

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