November 3rd’s Random Boxing Rants

It will take place a whopping 21 months after the last big one, but Eddie Hearn has finally delivered a genuine domestic superfight with the finalization of Carl Frampton vs. Scott Quigg for February 27th


Quigg now apparently a full world titlist due to Rigondeaux (also stripped by the WBO) being effectively stripped by being named “champion in recess” by the WBA.

But does this make sense?

Sure, Rigondeaux has been making a mess of his career with Caribe ‘promotions’ hindering him, but he’s been inactive just 11 months, whereas Andre Ward hasn’t defended his WBA 168lb, belt in 23 months and hasn’t been stripped.

On top of that, Floyd Mayweather is retired and hasn’t defended his 154lb. title in 26 months, and is yet to be relieved of his belt.

The WBA nonsense continues to get worse, recently screwing over Jesus Cuellar (to favour Leo Santa Cruz/Abner Mares) and Jose Benavidez (to favour Adrien Broner), as well as laughably having two interim beltholders at middleweight simultaneously, all in the name of more sanctioning fees.

Surely, the WBA’s decision re:Quigg/Rigondeaux could have nothing to do with getting a slice of the Quigg-Frampton unification pie, right?

Utter bullshit.


The Carl Froch “Cobra’d Hall of Fame”: Jermain Taylor, Andre Dirrell, Lucian Bute, George Groves, and, now, Yusaf Mack.

(Credit to @jacktor2013 for that gem)


A pall must be cast over all of Antonio Tarver’s achievements after his second PED test failure.

Steve Cunningham must have the worst luck in boxing.


Can’t wait to see the Tim Bradley/Teddy Atlas combo take on Brandon Rios this weekend.


The proposed Roman Gonzalez vs. Amnat Ruenroeng fight is tremendous, and Gonzalez is doing what a pound for pound king should: seeking out the biggest challenges, no matter how awkward stylistically.


Delighted that inactive and entitled, but brilliant, 168lb. champ Andre Ward has agreed a 3 fight HBO deal, which will culminate in a 175lb. showdown against the fearsome Sergey Kovalev next Autumn.

However, it’s a pity we have to sit through the dross of Ward’s fight with Alexander Brand on the Cotto-Canelo undercard first.

6 thoughts on “November 3rd’s Random Boxing Rants

  1. Keen as well to see how Bradley is doing under Atlas. Two people I like in the sport very much.

    I’ll pick S.O.G. to draw or narrowly win in an ugly S.L.O.G. over Kovalev. A burning bush tells me: Ward ties up and holds six to eight times per round, as boos fill the stadium.

    • If Ward is the same fighter he was in the Super 6, I think he’ll take Kovalev to school…in ugly fashion no doubt.

      Ward off the PPV now, allegedly due to an injury, but rumours have him lining up a better opponent for an early 2016 HBO date.

      Can’t wait for the Bradley/Atlas corner motivational talks

  2. All things being equal, yes. I think aging, time off, the weight jump and Krusher’s accuracy and strength will show us another Andre. The knee trouble points in this direction…

    Even against those factors, I must respect the skill set. Yet I think he will become even more unwatchable than before in the fights ahead — doubt HBO will get its money’s worth.

    • I largely enjoyed watching Ward in the past, but I’m a boxing purist. He fouls with his head and holds sometimes, sure, but there is no better inside fighter in boxing, just ask Carl Froch. Ward has shown himself injury prone in the past, but I’m dubious about the legitimacy of this particular injury.

      Kovalev would be his toughest test so far, with a combo of size, fearsome power & amateur-honed skillset, but I think Ward can outbox him and negate him on the inside.

      Whether HBO will get the ratings or PPV numbers to cover their sizable investment doesn’t concern me, I think it’s an important part of their brand statement that they have as many of the top pound for pound boxers in the sport on their network, so from that standpoint, Ward is key.

  3. Well, I don’t like Ward to the extent you do, but I respect the case you make for him.

    You are far from alone, judging from the ESPN reader response to the knee, in feeling suspicious. What do you suspect? Ward just not ready post-layoff? And if not, is it merely physical problems, or is not there the whiff of a congruity with his years fighting Goosen rather than other boxers.

    Something about refusal — a theme in the man’s tactics in and out of the ring. There are some in the game who want to fight, who aren’t fully alive unless they are fighting or at least preparing to do, but Andre…

    • I think there could be something going on behind the scenes to arrange a better & more credible 175lb debut on regular HBO early next year. A fight with Yunieski Gonzalez would be one I’d like to see.

      It’s a shame that Ward has lost years of his prime to legal wranglings, but he obviously has the confidence in his ability to retain his skills & that the inflated Rocnation paychecks he’ll be getting in the coming years will make it all worth it.

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