2 thoughts on “Video – ‘Klitschko vs. Fury: The Gloves Are Off’

  1. What a treat. Maybe the best of these face-offs. Eno music a bonus.

    If Fury could fight as well as he can verbally duel, he’d be champ already. Loved his “All I see is robots” speech, with its whiff of proud piker nonconformity. An unguarded moment: a peek under the bluster.

    Wladimir’s overly made-up face, tensing as he tried to keep a mask over his contempt, reminded me of an acidic judgment from Hardy: “The smile on your mouth was the deadest thing / Alive enough to have strength to die…” He may be a youngish 39, but age has a revealing hand. Underneath, he’s starting to resemble the wizened evil mastermind Davros from Dr. Who.

    He is right about Fury’s sadism. And Fury is right about the aging “control freak” sat opposite him. Each has the other’s psychological number. None of this should matter in the ring, though I have a hunch Wlad will pounce. He will want to destroy his Jungian shadow. Fury is an affront to his Hugo Boss worldview, to the very cut of his ubermensch gib.

    “Terminate,” as the ghostly CIA man tells Capt. Willard, “with extreme prejudice.” Or, as the Daleks preferred to say:

    • Tremendously entertaining stuff, largely because Nelson could hardly get a word in edgewise!

      Haha, well said. I really enjoyed Wlad’s “better dead than second” (an unguarded moment, too) remark & Fury waxing philosophical throughout. Fury can act the clown but he has always shown a natural intelligence.

      Klitschko will surely prevail (though former boxing p4p queen Holm landing a ‘Buster Douglas’ on Rousey’s chin in the UFC reminds us that fights aren’t won on paper), but the manner of his victory will not be dictated by whatever ill feelings he has towards Fury and his jibes.

      For Wladimir, it’s defence first and win ugly if necessary. Only when he’s sure his opponent is wide open, does he go for the kill. Emotionless, robotic, but great. ‘Failure is not an option’. Never again will he wail away at an overmatched opponent, only to gas out & collapse a couple of rounds later.

      Ultimately, I predict a messy & lopsided Klitschko decision, but it will be interesting to see how Fury’s questionable chin holds up to Wlad’s power shots.

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