6 thoughts on “Video – Anthony Joshua TKO’d as an amateur

  1. Very premature stoppage – this ref should be in “named and shamed – judging the judges”. This fight took place in June 2011 at the European championships and by September Joshua had improved enough to win silver at the World Championships. Joshua only had 43 amateur fights, losing 3, finishing with the Olympic gold in August 2012, therefore I think this RSCH 3 defeat (not a TKO) must have happened in about his 30th amateur fight. In other words Joshua was a boxing baby, if anyone uses this footage to imply something about how Joshua takes a left hook like the idiots on youtube, they are going to be sadly mistaken because this lad is a VERY fast learner and had certainly eradicated this failing before leaving the amateur ranks. Joshua seems unstoppable as a pro but hasn’t really been tested, lets hope Whyte hasn’t been all mouth and provides a good test for AJ so that we can evaluate him properly.

    • For the reasons you point out, Ozzy, I too hope Whyte puts up a fierce battle. I must admit this is a card I’ve really been looking forward to — progress reports on Joshua and would-be GGG slayer Eubank Jr.

      • While both fights will likely end in one-sided wins for the A-sides, I too am invested in all four participants & I’m looking forward to Saturday quite a bit.

    • I’m no expert on amateur boxing, but this stoppage seems standard based on what I’ve seen. The same threshold for a ref calling a halt to proceedings doesn’t apply to amateur bouts as it does to pro.

      He was obviously a novice here, but it is interesting to see his chin dented (in an amateur bout with bigger gloves & headgear), especially when he hasn’t taken a full blooded punch as a professional yet, and punch resistance is the one thing you notoriously can’t improve.

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