2 thoughts on “Video – “The Fight Game” with Jim Lampley: Episode 21

  1. Thanks for this.

    I see the lovely Beadle’s leaving, but I think it’s Bernard who should be on his way. (And judging from Max’s bug-eyed expressions while Bernard stammers out another painfully obvious statement, I’m not alone.) Best bit: Bhop mock-slugging Kellerman.

    • You’re welcome as always.

      Yes, B-Hop was at his absolute worst in this episode. It was embarrassing, and I honestly think his speech has diminished in the past year or two, which means one more fight (and tough training camp) is likely a terrible idea.

      Beadle added nothing but beauty, despite Jim’s perfunctory elegy in praise of her supposedly insightful contributions. Glad to see the back of her, but Hopkins should follow.

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